Fear Not the Dubstep XXXVII

May 10, 2012

Oh man. It has been more than a month. I bet you had given up hope you would get a dubstep post today after the last one. But I’m in a EDM type of mood, so I’m making an effort here. I’ve got some really great tracks to share with you. The first one I was going to share was not actually free so yeah, that’s still a problem. All of the tracks I did blog were provided free to download by the artist, and aren’t we glad. Remember folks, #freedubstep. Here we go.

First up is a track from Monstercat’s latest compilation. Sampling some great dialogue clips (although I guess it’s more of monologue clips since you here one person per clip) Rogue hits hard and gets the listener pumped and ready for more. Lucky for you, I have more. Check it out!

This is it – Rogue / Or from Bandcamp

With a gentle piano intro, this track gets intense fairly swiftly and soon is wobbling all over the place. Tristam knows his stuff and brings the beat down back to a simple piano to get you ready for another drop. Give it a listen!

Kings – Tristam / Or from SoundCloud

The Girls Can Hear Us give us a rap / electro / dubstep track with some dirty lyrics and filthy bass. There are wobs all over the place which we’re supposed to use when the drugs aren’t working. I think this would help. Enjoy it.

When the Drugs Don’t Work – The Girls Can Hear Us / Or from SoundCloud

Next up it’s time for some filth from Krewella. With pure vocals and crisp bell synths the intense bass comes as an appropriate shock to the system. Top quality sound as per usual. Check it out!

Fire Hive (Krewella fuck on me remix) – Krewella / Or from SoundCloud

When I forget something, I guess I try to make up for it. So here’s another epic remix from PrototypeRaptor. Taking on Wolfgang Gartner seems to give no trouble. This track has enough heavy bass to get a dubstep sublabel in my book. It really is more electro house, but you don’t mind right? Right. Enjoy it!

Push and Rise (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix) – Wolfgang Gartner / Or from SoundCloud

To finish us off, here’s another Monstercat track. Project 46 delivers an intense and beautiful prog house track. I know that isn’t dubstep but we’re all EDM lovers together right? PLUR? If not, feel free to skip it. But I love it. I’m quite glad I have an excuse to share it here (what with having to remove that other track). The track starts intense with some bass on the beat and moves, until two minutes in it drops those beautiful prog house synths and rocks out. Have a good Thursday folks.

M.O.A.B. – Project 46 / Or from Bandcamp

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  1. I’m glad you had some time to post!

    • Me too!

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