Young Sinatra: Undeniable [Mixtape] – Logic

May 8, 2012

It’s been a rough month for posting in this blog. To be honest, I can’t promise much for the rest of the month. School is coming to a close here, so bear with me. What I want to do now is share Logic‘s latest mixtape with you all. Logic is one of my favorite rappers out there and this mixtape does not disappoint. Shout out to Good Music All Day, where I heard that this mixtape was out first. I’m going to share my favorite three tracks from this after my first few listen throughs (I was writing a paper and just put this on and cruised). Be sure to start downloading the whole mixtape from Datpiff now!

Yep, that’s right, Logic kicks off his mixtape by sampling Inception. And it’s damn good. After the slow intro, Logic drops a beat and rocks it. It’s a great track to use as an intro. Check it out.

Inception – Logic

Next up, Logic hits harder on this track than any I’ve heard in awhile. He whips out smart, sharp lyrics. The beat is simplistic but I really was hooked when Logic drops the beat and tells us he killed someone last night. This track is just great.

Disgusting (Feat. C Dot Castro) – Logic

Here’s the last track I’m putting up. Sampling a fabulous track, Logic quickly sets the stage of the track by describing picking up a girl in a bar and taking her home. She tells him she’s in love him and he freaks and leave. Then the next day he meets a girl and falls in love with her immediately. He doesn’t seem to notice the irony but that still makes it funny. Enjoy!

Relaxation – Logic


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