Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LIII

April 28, 2012

I was busy yesterday and I’m busy today. I have a friend visiting and there’s a rave tonight so I’m psyched. Yet I managed to finish this today, so go me! Mashup time!

Binary puts together a driving track that really comes together with the vocals. That’s when it becomes addicting. Check it out!

First Aid Vs Push & Rise (Binary Loves To Push First Aid Mash) – Binary / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s a simple track that Koyote put together for 4/20. Despite its simplicity, I love it. It’s super catchy and combines some awesome elements. Give it a listen.

Almost No Deputy (Koyote Bootleg) – TON!C vs Bob Marley / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s another joint off of Mashup-Germany‘s “Back to the Future” album. Still got that talent. Basically, he mashes up a mashup with more tracks. Sweet. Enjoy!

Numb Encore 2012 – Mashup-Germany / Or from SoundCloud

Been missing that Carly Rae Jepsen? Here’s another mashup of her put together by one of the masters of the art, Basic Physics. As you might expect the track is phenomenal. Check it out!

This Is Cray (Chrizz Luvly x Carly Rae Jepsen x Kanye West x Jessie J) – Basic Physics / Or from Basic Physic’s Facebook

Kap Slap put out another one! And man is it good. I must admit I have a soft spot for Taio Cruz, and Avicii too, so this really hits my sweet tooth. Give it a listen!

Avicii’s Epic Hangover (Kap Slap Bootleg) – Dada Life vs Hardwell ft. Taio Cruz / Or from SoundCloud

Onward! To a new track from Dotcom. Starting out quiet and insistent, this tracks builds into a very catchy whole, exploiting the lovely vocal hooks of several of the songs. Enjoy!

Last Vandalism (Porter Robinson x Knife Party x 12th Planet x Labrinth) – Dotcom / Or from SoundCloud

Sex Ray Vision (currently using this SoundCloud account) just put out a new mashup album called “Primary Colors” and oh man is it good. Here’s a sample track from it. Good right? Check it out!

Turn Up The Love [Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Katy Perry, Avicii, Timbaland, Cobra Starship] – Sex Ray Vision / Or from SoundCloud

This simple A+B mashup by Kosher Kittens really caught me. Using a sample that sounds slightly regretful, Kittens showcases Skee-Lo’s lyrics. The emotions fit. It’s great. Give it a listen for your self!

I Wish, I Move. – Kosher Kittens / Or from SoundCloud

Yes I know I already posted one Mashup-Germany track in this post, but this one’s new! And awesome! I wasn’t a big fan of the Skrillex / Damian Marley collab until Ben Stilller got his hands in it. Now I love it. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

Make It Bun Dem (Soundboys Answer) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Official.fm


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