Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LII

April 14, 2012

I have way too many awesome mashups to share to let a little thing like it not being Friday or having a ton of homework to do stop me. It may not be Friday but these mashups are just begging to be heard. Ready? Here they are!

First up, another favorite from Mashup-Germany‘s new album “Back to the Future“. This one uses the theme from the Ghostbusters and it is the best usage of that song I’ve ever heard before. This song is happy and funny and catchy. Check it out!

Learn to be alright – Mashup-Germany / Or from SoundCloud

A couple weeks ago I blogged 3lau‘s mashup, “Action”. DJ Foxfire liked the mashup so much, he decided to take a crack at and it sounds great. Foxfire delivers a six and a half minute version, so if you couldn’t get enough, now you can get even more. Give it a listen for yourself and decide which you prefer!

Action (Foxfire Remash) – 3lau / Or from SoundCloud

I had almost forgotten my favorite Skrillex track of all time, “Slats Slats Slats“, but the kind folks at the HQ of the Catalina Rhyme Mixers decided to remind me. I appreciate that and for that alone I would have blogged this mashup, but it’s also just a really good mashup. Enjoy!

Dial Tone (Skrillex, Dorrough, New Boyz, Prototype Raptor) – The Catalina Rhyme Mixers / Or from SoundCloud

Basic Physics dropped this track last week. It uses a lot of tracks that many mashup artists include but a couple of the songs really add to the unique flavor of the track. This one sounds a bit ominous at times but it is really nice to just sit back and listen to. Enjoy!

Island of Gold (Basic Physics Bootleg) – Thomas Gold (feat. Pendulum, R3HAB, & Swanky Tunes) / Or from SoundCloud

I love the odd humor that Bærs displays in the mashups they make. This mashup makes a lot of sense. Carly Rae and Justin are singing bout Maybes and Babies and when Adventure Club gets added, we suddenly have a bass heavy element. It’s excellent. Check it out.

Color Me Baby (Adventure Club // Carly Rae Jepsen // Justin Bieber) – Bærs / Or from SoundCloud

DOSVEC put together this track which, as he says, spans three decades. This made me realize that anyone born in 1999 can say they’ve lived in three decades. Weird. I can’t wait until 2020 when we can start referring to the decades easily again. Pronouncing 00s as the aughts never really caught on, and it feels wrong to call this decade the teens when we haven’t even hit thirteen yet. The twenties are going to be so much easier to refer to. This track is super chill though I would never have thought this came from three different decades. Give it a listen.

1979 Tipsy Kicks (J-Kwon & Foster The People vs Smashing Pumpkins (Slink Mix)) – DOSVEC / Or from SoundCloud

Sex Ray Vision put out an EP not that long ago. But he’s not sitting around smirking, no, now he’s making a mashup album while smirking. Here’s the first fruits of this labor. This is a massive mashup and I can’t wait for the album. Enjoy!

Surprise Greyhound [Swedish House Mafia, Busta Rhymes & Tiesto, The Wanted, Axwell & Ivan Gough, Dragonette] – Sex Ray Vision / Or from SoundCloud

DJ 21azy put out a short mashup EP entitled “Sleeping Through Sunday“. This track chills it down but fits beautifully and the production is awesome. The background hook really complements Weezy’s voice. Check it out!

Not So Hustler Muzik – DJ 21azy / Or Download the whole 4-Song EP “Sleeping Through Sunday”

Kyari Pyamu Pyamu really adds something cutesy to Major Lazer, but it fits in a really natural way, which is just strange. JAKAZiD has a SoundCloud account purely for silly mashups and remixes and this comes from that. It’s… surreal. Many thanks to my man Duncan for pointing it out to me. Give it a listen.

PONPONPON De Floor – きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ vs. Major Lazer / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: The Jane Doze and Cash Cash put together this remix of Katy Perry and it is awesome! It uses bits of other Perry songs like “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls” to add to the beat, thus qualifying as a mashup. Very well done and super catchy. Enjoy and have a good rest of the weekend!

Part Of Me (The Jane Doze & Cash Cash Remix) – Katy Perry / Or from SoundCloud


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  1. This is our newest mashup, feel free to use in your blog if you see fit. Thanks.
    Ben Landon
    link to soundcloud song: http://soundcloud.com/rage_cannon/language-of-an-innocent-night

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