Super Effective – Sex Ray Vision

April 2, 2012

Sorry last week wasn’t a reliable one for posting. It was my Spring Break, and it was a bit busy, but very fun. Takeaway from the week is that if you have the opportunity to drink the Hoppin’ Frog beer called Boris the Crusher, drink it; it’s awesome. On to awesome music. Sex Ray Vision (which is apparently now a solo act?) put out a new EP entitled “Relax”, and it is stellar. Unbelievably danceable with some very cool tracks using rage, it was hard to pick one track to blog about. That said, this is definitely my favorite track. Along with its accurate title, this song is even catchier than the others on the EP. This is the kind of song that makes you want to jump up and down pumping your fist. Progressive house synths used right. No interludes long enough to get boring. Everything just works. Download the whole EP here and enjoy the song!

Super Effective – Sex Ray Vision / Or from HulkShare


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