Little Man (Vindata Remix) – Little Dragon

March 27, 2012

So now HulkShare is telling me I have one strike left. I expect that to happen whenever they decide to listen to the rest of the mashups I’ve stored there (insert outrage about fair use and copyright here). I’m going to try to always provide an alternative link to download the tracks I upload. Because if my host is slow, it’s nice to have another option. This transition should be rather intuitive, but I can’t keep track of whether these alternative links are live or not, so as always, feel free to point out dead links to me.

On to the music! Vindata takes this Little Dragon song in a new direction with marimba-like synths and progressive house sensibilities. I like it. The practically 8-bit synth hook in between verses is lovely. It’s chill and pretty. Spotted on the Music Ninja. Enjoy.

Little Man (Vindata Remix) – Little Dragon / Or from SoundCloud


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