Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. L

March 25, 2012

So I goofed on the Roman numerals, sue me. I figured it out all on my own. And now we should be back on track. This is number 50 folks! Very exciting. However I’m doing a lot of traveling today (Friday) so who knows if I’ll get this done in time. I have a lot of awesome tracks that have been crowding my queue for days now. I may not say much about them, because I want to finish this soon, but they are all A+ tracks. Ready? Here we go.

PS I actually was going to post on Friday, but then my server was down. Anyways, I’m in an airport bar right now, so I’m still going to be brief.

Here’s a chill one from the Jane Doze. Check it out.

Wild Ones Take Over – the Jane Doze / Or from HulkShare

Another one from the White Panda‘s “Bambooyah!” Give it a listen.

We Found 2012 – the White Panda / Or from HulkShare

No Pets Allowed made very nice Gaga mashup here. Enjoy!

Dead Siberian Romance – No Pets Allowed / Or from HulkShare

5 & A Dime put together one for us that starts slow and builds into a hard one. Check it out!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – 5 & A Dime

The Hood Internet wins the award for my favorite mashup of the week. The Roscoe hook has some nice vocal harmony a la “No Hands” and I appreciate it. Give it a listen.

Good Pimpin’ Night (Roscoe Dash vs Sepalcure) – the Hood Internet / Or from HulkShare

3lau has apparently decided make his tracks sound more official and less like mashups by dropping the “vs” and replacing it with a “feat”. I don’t mind as long as it sounds as good as this. Enjoy.

Action (3LAU Bootleg) – Tristan Garner (Feat. The Wanted, Neon Hitch, Usher, Gary Go) / Or from HulkShare

DOSVEC says this is his favorite mashup that he’s made to date. I can get behind that statement. This track blends perfectly. Give it a listen!

Son Of A Dog (Glee vs Oh Land – Jacob Plant Mix) – DOSVEC

DJ Foxfire pulls together an excellent pop mashup on this one. Check it out.

The Night of Our Lives – DJ Foxfire / Or from HulkShare

Tonight’s Mashup, which is a misleading name for a DJ, brought Katy Perry back in the day and I like it. Very fun. Enjoy it!

Right Back to the One That Got Away – Tonight’s Mashup / Or from HulkShare


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