Adderall – Mastermind Einstein

March 19, 2012

I got an email telling me to check out Mastermind Einstein‘s latest single, which is awesome. After listening to it, I listened to the rest of the music on the SoundCloud account and decided I had to blog “Aderall”. Starting with a very good singing voice, the song leads in to a rather fun beat. I would call it whimsical. It’s practically carnival-esque, but manages not to be overdone. I love it when the beat drops out and he practically revs his voice like an engine to get it going again. It’s excellent. Feel free to download these free, but if you’re feeling generous, M.M.E. now has an iTunes page. Check it out.

Adderall – Mastermind Einstein / Or from HulkShare

BONUS: And here’s Mastermind Einstein’s latest single. Starting from a calm warm up synth into a muffled back beat, the rap starts, maintaining the muffled sound until a brighter, clearer synth breaks through as the vocals become periodically distorted. It’s chill and enjoyable. Enjoy!

PWOAU (Popping Wheelies On Δ Unicycle) – Mastermind Einstein / Or from HulkShare


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  1. A great artist and friend, keep doing ya thing.

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