Fear Not the Dubstep XXXV

March 15, 2012

Happy Thursday folks! Have some dubstep.

Andrix is a sixteen year old girl from Norway who makes massive sound. I’m rather jealous that a sixteen year old has such talent, but I’m certainly enjoying it. This bass and eventual 8bit section is just so dirty! Check it out!

Sunsets (Andrix Remix) – Borgore / Or from HulkShare

Here’s another one from SubVibe. This one starts with an almost moombahton beat and then swiftly pulls in some progressive house synths. If you’re wondering where the dubstep comes in, just wait for it. You can get the whole EP here. Give it a listen.

Gangsters – SubVibe / Or from HulkShare

Singer Silver Medallion and producer Feature Cuts team up to make this dramatic track, the first in a planned project. I look forward to hearing more of the duo. Enjoy!

Drop Out, Kiss Girls – Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts / Or from HulkShare

Combining Nero, Forever Kid, and Kill the Noise, N3AKO makes a fun and highly enjoyable track. This track builds until it reaches a high energy peak that you can dance to or just nod your head. Check it out!

Must Be Dying – N3AKO / Or from HulkShare

Acetronik must really prefer mashups to remixes, because “Acetronik vs. Smash Mouth” doesn’t really imply a remix. Now I was initially resistant to the idea of this remix because this track is pretty sacrosanct to me. But if I enjoy it for what it is, namely a wobbly bass heavy track sampling some nostalgia, I really like it. Give it a listen and decide for your self.

All Star – Acetronik vs. Smash Mouth / Or from HulkShare

And to make sure you’re ready for mashups tomorrow, I thought I’d include a new track from No Pets Allowed. It samples “Slam the Door”, which I included (a remix of) two weeks ago in the dubstep post. Enjoy!

Since You Slammed The Door – No Pets Allowed / Or from HulkShare

BONUS: Here’s a mashup of a ton (if not all) of Skrillex’s songs. When they hit that first chorus, I understood why they call it rage.


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