Bambooyah! Selections

March 12, 2012

I actually was able to listen to Bambooyah! early, during their pre-release on Turntable, so now I’ve already got my two favorites hand picked! See if you like them too.

What a weird and surprising song! Of the tracks I particularly liked off of this album, this is the only one that hadn’t been previewed. It starts weird and goofy, but the odd instrumentals quickly roll around and become moving, creating a track that shines for the brief moment it lasts. A downside to White Panda’s albums is the mixtape style- when you find something you like, you’re often left with only about 40 seconds of it. Here’s hoping that this gets a full release.

Give Me Kuduro – The White Panda / Or from HulkShare

Dedicated listeners of White Panda may have caught the rough release of this track on their White Panda X Zeitgeist release, when it was still mostly Turn It Down by Le Castle Vania. White Panda developed it further for Bambooyah!- it bit too much further, actually. They haunting vocals of the original track are completely replaced. During chorus, the new vocals are a refreshing change, but otherwise I wish they had let the song’s original strength remain. Even so, this track is unique and worth a listen.

Turn Marvin Gaye Down – The White Panda / Or from HulkShare


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