Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXIX

March 9, 2012

Happy happy Friday folks! It’s a mashup day and I want to make sure that I manage to post these awesome mashups on Friday, so that we can all start the weekend right. So without further ado…

Let’s get started with a beautiful track from No Pets Allowed. This song is the first off of a stellar three song EP that you can find here. I realize I’ve been throwing a lot of T.Swift at you all in my mashup posts. I don’t apologize. I really enjoy how her voice can mesh really well with all manner of pop and prog house. Give this a listen for yourself.

Moves Like Taylor – No Pets Allowed / Or from HulkShare

In typical Jane Doze style, this mashup pairs an unlikely set and turns it into a very cool song. I’m a fan of Sigur Ros and so any inclusion of their music makes me happy automatically. When it’s done this well it makes me pretty ecstatic. Check it out.

Replacement Ros – The Jane Doze / Or from HulkShare

At first I thought this was too silly to include. Then I decided it was silly but that people would like it because it was silly. But then I started really enjoying it. The beat could be added to a lounge style funk or jazz, but instead DJ LeCLown adds it to “Do You Really Want to Make Me Cry”. Funny. But enjoyable. Spotted on MashupTown. Enjoy!

Do you really want to Tchiki boom? – DJ Le Clown / Or from HulkShare

The Two Friends have another mashup! They take on “Stacy’s Mom” in this one and I like it. It’s not very happy, which is too bad because that was the best part of the original, but their version is very cool. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Stacy’s Mode (2F MILF ALERT BOOTLEG) – The Two Friends / Or from HulkShare

Well this is a long list of artists for only drawing upon two songs. Crazy. Manila Killa nails this track. If you have any doubts, wait for Sia’s vocals to come in before you pass judgment. These songs just fit. Check it out.

Titanium Minds (Manila Killa Bootleg) – David Guetta Ft. Sia vs. Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay & Axwell / Or from HulkShare

Yoni just came out with a mashup album. You can find the entire album here. Last year I called March “March Mashup Madness” and I’m beginning to wonder if this is an annual thing. I’m not complaining if it is. Take this song for instance. I haven’t enjoyed Coldplay in quite some time, so it’s awesome when some artist dresses it up in an awesome background. Enjoy!

Coldplay’s Aura – Yoni / Or from HulkShare

I thought I’d put this next one here too. This song is getting a lot of play in the mashup circles. Here is DJ Foxfire‘s take on it. While the song is obviously the same, the addition of the Britney, Katy, and the industrial background from Candyland really gives it a whole different sound. I like it. Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

You Make Me Feel Hypnotic – DJ Foxfire / Or from HulkShare

I got this in my email and the name of the song is a bit confusing. Allow me to clarify. The background track for this mashup is by 90s Finest while the whole mashup was made by DJ Trademark. I approve heartily. It’s a pop party minded prog house track. Check it out.

Paradise (90’s Finest Remix) – DJ Trademark / Or from HulkShare

Mashup-Germany put out a track so of course I had to include it. That’s not quite how I decide what I put on the blog, but Stilller’s work is just so consistently excellent that it may as well work like that for him. I have nothing to say but that this song is amazing and enjoyable and you should be listening to it already! Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

Starships Dance Floor Porn – Mashup-Germany / Or from HulkShare

BONUS: This track is so epic, I thought I’d give you guys a double dose of No Pets Allowed. You guys don’t mind do you? That’s what I thought. This track is hands down the best version of the Skrillex/Doors collaboration track, including the original. The sample of dialogue from Breaking Bad just makes the track more intense. I’ve never watched it but this kind of makes me want to. Have fun with it!

Breaking Bad – No Pets Allowed / Or from HulkShare

And because I like you guys so much, here’s one more bonus! Actually this is also for any mashup artists out there. Can you make this – with the actual songs? Because it looks doable. And awesome.



  1. Brilliant site. From Norway and this blog always get my smile back, if it got lost during the day

    • Aw! Thanks! It’s great to know people enjoy it!

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