Fear Not the Dubstep XXXIII

March 1, 2012

It is Thursday! I only got four hours of sleep last night but I want to lay some bass wobs on you all before I crash. You ready? Here we go.

I’m going to start off with this excellent, chilled out remix of Seba. Mook D consistently delivers some complex and highly enjoyable tracks. This one particularly fits my sleep-deprived mood today, giving a sense of walking through a fog. Mook D also happens to hail from my home city, so I doubly approve. Give it a listen!

Painted Skies (Mook D Remix) – Seba / Or from HulkShare

Starting off with relaxed guitar picking, this song sneaks up on you before kicking you between the eyes with bass. Cry Wolf maintains their track record of unique and sometime surprising remixes. I think that the aggressive bro-style wobs really fit with Eminem’s own rage. Enjoy.

Lose Yourself (Cry Wolf Remix) – Eminem / Or from HulkShare

Now that we’ve lost ourselves, it’s time to find ourselves again with the help of CTLGD. This bass may be even more wild and bro-influenced than the previous, but I really like the vocals and progressive house synths that are also used. Check it out.


SubVibe recently came out with an excellent EP, including remixes by artists like Fonix. This track uses heavy wobs but also uses a coherent chaos of high synths and electric guitar (synths, probably) to make this entire track intense. Give it a listen.

Burn – SubVibe / Or from HulkShare

While this remix is very very very repetitive, I find it unbelievably catchy. Zedd chose well when picking an aggressive synth to (over)use and gLAdiatior simplified the riff, leaving it possibly even more catchy. Despite its one note consistency, I’m hooked. Listen to it and you’ll understand. Enjoy. Well I have to go to bed and try to catch up on sleep. Have a good one!

Slam the Door (gLAdiator Remix) – Zedd / Or from HulkShare


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