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Little Man (Vindata Remix) – Little Dragon

March 27, 2012

So now HulkShare is telling me I have one strike left. I expect that to happen whenever they decide to listen to the rest of the mashups I’ve stored there (insert outrage about fair use and copyright here). I’m going to try to always provide an alternative link to download the tracks I upload. Because if my host is slow, it’s nice to have another option. This transition should be rather intuitive, but I can’t keep track of whether these alternative links are live or not, so as always, feel free to point out dead links to me.

On to the music! Vindata takes this Little Dragon song in a new direction with marimba-like synths and progressive house sensibilities. I like it. The practically 8-bit synth hook in between verses is lovely. It’s chill and pretty. Spotted on the Music Ninja. Enjoy.

Little Man (Vindata Remix) – Little Dragon / Or from SoundCloud


Mad World – Niia

March 26, 2012

I’ve always loved “Mad World”. This cover by Niaa keeps the haunting beauty of the original and adds that certain something to make it sound like a song epitomizing a fairy tale. Cute yet dark, haunting, and downright dangerous. It’s beautiful. Enjoy a chill start to the week. Heard it on the Music Ninja first.

Mad World – Niia / Or from HulkShare


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. L

March 25, 2012

So I goofed on the Roman numerals, sue me. I figured it out all on my own. And now we should be back on track. This is number 50 folks! Very exciting. However I’m doing a lot of traveling today (Friday) so who knows if I’ll get this done in time. I have a lot of awesome tracks that have been crowding my queue for days now. I may not say much about them, because I want to finish this soon, but they are all A+ tracks. Ready? Here we go.

PS I actually was going to post on Friday, but then my server was down. Anyways, I’m in an airport bar right now, so I’m still going to be brief.

Here’s a chill one from the Jane Doze. Check it out.

Wild Ones Take Over – the Jane Doze / Or from HulkShare

Another one from the White Panda‘s “Bambooyah!” Give it a listen.

We Found 2012 – the White Panda / Or from HulkShare

No Pets Allowed made very nice Gaga mashup here. Enjoy!

Dead Siberian Romance – No Pets Allowed / Or from HulkShare

5 & A Dime put together one for us that starts slow and builds into a hard one. Check it out!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – 5 & A Dime

The Hood Internet wins the award for my favorite mashup of the week. The Roscoe hook has some nice vocal harmony a la “No Hands” and I appreciate it. Give it a listen.

Good Pimpin’ Night (Roscoe Dash vs Sepalcure) – the Hood Internet / Or from HulkShare

3lau has apparently decided make his tracks sound more official and less like mashups by dropping the “vs” and replacing it with a “feat”. I don’t mind as long as it sounds as good as this. Enjoy.

Action (3LAU Bootleg) – Tristan Garner (Feat. The Wanted, Neon Hitch, Usher, Gary Go) / Or from HulkShare

DOSVEC says this is his favorite mashup that he’s made to date. I can get behind that statement. This track blends perfectly. Give it a listen!

Son Of A Dog (Glee vs Oh Land – Jacob Plant Mix) – DOSVEC

DJ Foxfire pulls together an excellent pop mashup on this one. Check it out.

The Night of Our Lives – DJ Foxfire / Or from HulkShare

Tonight’s Mashup, which is a misleading name for a DJ, brought Katy Perry back in the day and I like it. Very fun. Enjoy it!

Right Back to the One That Got Away – Tonight’s Mashup / Or from HulkShare


Levels (In Reverse) (George Monev Edit) – Avicii

March 22, 2012

I spotted this on Good Music All Day yesterday (yeah I’m behind on my blogs, midterms dontchyaknow) and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. It’s “Levels” and you can tell, but it’s surprisingly different. George Monev leaves the vocal sections and intro instrumentals in the normal orientation but flips around the iconic synth lines. It sounds new and beautiful and I would definitely dance to it. Check it out!

Levels (In Reverse) (George Monev Edit) – Avicii / Or from HulkShare


Clint Eastwood (Psymbionic Remix) – Gorillaz

March 22, 2012

Sorry, I’m rather busy today, so you’re getting one dubstep track instead of the full post. Already a badass track, “Clint Eastwood” gets a serious bass injection from Pymbionic. And it is pretty damn satisfying. The rap verse is probably my favorite part of the track; the wobs stick around and complement the vocals. Excellent. Keep an eye out for Pymbionic’s upcoming “Ride With Me” EP. Enjoy!

Clint Eastwood (Psymbionic Remix) – Gorillaz / Or from HulkShare


Wanna Be Loved feat. YONAS – Scotty James

March 21, 2012

YONAS posted this official remix of Scotty James‘ track “Wanna Be Loved” for free download on his SoundCloud and I am very glad he did. This track is a happy pop love song and an upbeat hip hop track. I think it would be hard to dislike this song. Spotted it on Good Music All Day first. Enjoy!

Wanna Be Loved feat. YONAS – Scotty James / Or from HulkShare


Something (Cover) – Austin Criswell

March 20, 2012

Beautiful. Simply gorgeous. These are not terms I usually use to describe covers of the Beatles. I usually use words like horrible. Painful. Just plain wrong. But in this case, the cover is simply beautiful. Austin Criswell‘s light and sweet voice takes just enough time on the notes of “Something” to establish the beauty of the tone before moving forward. Accompanied only by a ukulele, his voice does most of the work while his uke provides background. It’s light and airy and a little echo-y. I spotted this over on Pigeons and Planes and have been enjoying all the songs on his YouTube Channel.

Something (Cover) – Austin Criswell / Or from HulkShare