Snimbe (The Polish Ambassador Remix) – Tama

February 29, 2012

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that this song is not in any way from Mali and that, while it is originally performed by Tama, it was written solely by Tama’s drummer, Djanuno Dabo. He is from Guinea-Bissau and the song “Snimbe” is current and treats on themes of “independence of Guinea-Bissau [and] life after the wars for liberty”. It seems like this song was the victim of Westerners exoticizing a song they could not understand. [/update]

I have to keep this short because of the ridiculously busy nature of my schedule today. This is a week or so old. I’ll let the Polish Ambassador talk about this remix on his own.

When I first heard the original of Snimbe by Tama, I was blown away by how powerful and emotional a song could be, given that I don’t speak or understand the language of the lyrics. This track is a true testament to music being a language of it’s own that can transcend genre, geography, and culture. Here’s a remix of the the African ballad. A bit more dance floor friendly, but maintaining the heart warming, emotional integrity of the original.

I second what he said. The mood of this track is very chill but with a recognition of sadness. Enjoy it.

Snimbe (The Polish Ambassador Remix) – Tama / Or from HulkShare

UPDATE: Here is a video with Djanuno Dabo singing “Snimbe” and talking about these misconceptions. The interview begins at 7:05.



  1. Djanuno’s song Snimbe is all over the Internet mentioned as being from Mali, and not credited to him … how come ? Listen to him tell about the background for this confusion, and first sing a bit of his song …

    http://youtu.be/ZMLW1OHqYrQ (Entire video 14 min with song)
    http://youtu.be/ZMLW1OHqYrQ?t=7m4s (Jump over song direct to Djanuno interview – En Français sous-titre en Anglais / English subtitles)

    • Thank you for pointing this out! I’ve adjusted the post accordingly. It’s great when genres meet and combine but it’s no good at all when people neglect to give credit where credit is due.

  2. Would be great to find the lyrics to Snimbe. It contains a brief but poignant bit before the last verse in Tamil by Susheela Raman.

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