Other People’s Heartache [Mixtape] – Bastille

February 27, 2012

When I saw the name Bastille while browsing about, I was immediately interested. Bastille’s cover of City High was amazing, so when Earmilk said Bastille had a mixtape out, I stopped what I was doing to listen to it. It is fabulous. Before I go any farther, here’s where you can download the whole mixtape.

Bastille follows in the footsteps of hip hop artists in making this mixtape. Like their mixtapes, Bastille’s pulls from other artist’s content and gives it a new spin. I’m not sure calling this a “cover” quite cuts it. There are sometimes multiple tracks that Bastille pulls elements from to make a track. The first song on the mixtape is an amazing version of “What Is Love”, full of background vocal harmony and epic drums. Eventually Bastille adds elements of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” with the help of Maiday. Thematically speaking it makes a lot of sense. Stop reading and start listening!

Adagio for Strings (ft. Maiday) – Bastille / Or from HulkShare

On this track, Bastille combines content from both “Rhythm is a Dancer” and “Rhythm of the Night”. The vocal harmonies are more apparent in this track, and I approve. This may be my favorite track on the mixtape. Enjoy!

Of the Night – Bastille / Or from HulkShare


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