Now Accepting Donations!

February 17, 2012

I’ve been toying with the idea of asking for donations for awhile, but I always sort of ignored them on other people’s sites, especially since I always wondered if they really spent it on hosting. So I decided to hold off for awhile until it became dire. I host with DreamHost, and they recently gave me the option to set up a donation link set up through them. This way there’s a guarantee that I can’t touch the money. Paypal hangs onto it until it’s time for DreamHost to bill me then DreamHost takes from Paypal first, then me. So I turned to my go-to guy Matt Glickson, to see if he could whip me up an original donate button. He said sure, and I expected him to slap a caption next to the logo or something. But no, he decides to continue the “PaperMash” theme and puts together a gorgeous, detailed and completely new image. So if you decide you can spare a tenner on your friend here, appreciate the artwork on the button as you click it. Even if you can’t spare a tenner (and believe me, I understand, I’m kind of in that boat) you should admire the art.


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