Fear Not the Dubstep XXXII

February 16, 2012

It’s late, but it’s Thursday. So I’m going to make this as quick as possible, so it’s still Thursday when I post this. Ok, dubstep time! Oy vay. I just had to remove two of these songs before publishing because the artists released them for sale. This is why I take forever to accumulate enough dubstep for a post. Artists don’t post freebies nearly as much. It’s hard to sift through blogs to find songs that I like and can post for free download. Ok. Mini-rant over, now it’s actually dubstep time… Just shorter…

NeonGenesis takes one of the net’s current favorite songs and gives it a wobbly finish. I quite enjoy it. While the drums are louder than the vocals at times, I like the way Gotye’s vocals are clearest when he is most emotional. Enjoy!

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (NeonGenesis Bootleg Remix) – Gotye / Or from HulkShare

OK, so the build is a little too standard to be very enjoyable but the rest of the song is pure nostalgia and belligerence. Jansten really showcases DMX’s “come at me bro” mood. Excellent. Check it out.

Party Up (Jansten Remix) – DMX / Or from HulkShare

So I still can’t find the original download of this track but LoBounce seems enthusiastic about the blog response, so I’m guessing it’s ok. This track is just plain pretty. Piano and vocals then some wobs and rage. Awesome. Give it a listen.

Letters From The Sky (LoBounce remix) – Civil Twilight / Or from HulkShare

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