Well Screw You Too Mediafire

February 13, 2012

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So apparently Mediafire decided to delete all my files without a trace and without a notification. When contacted they replied saying I have repeatedly uploaded copyrighted work.

Due to this violation, Mediafire has exercised our right to terminate and delete the contents of your Mediafire account.

Mashups and remixes are considered “fair use”! My whole shtick is that I only share songs released by the artist. But I guess that doesn’t matter post-MegaUpload. So I am making the switch to HulkShare. Who knows how long they’ll last… This is going to leave a lot of dead Mediafire links on the site, and I apologize. I’m going to delete the dead links as I come across them. This means that past the front page, there will still be tons of dead links. Of course all the songs are still hosted here, so only the Mediafire mirrors are no longer functional. Anyone else want to vent? Meet me in the comments…


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