Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXVI

February 6, 2012

Today we’re going to have a very special episode of “Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere.” Mostly because today is Monday instead of Friday. My bad. Think of it as a mashup Monday. Anyways, less talk, more mashups!

DJ Schmolli successfully reboots the Proclaimers in this mashup. I’ve heard other mashups of the Proclaimers, but they haven’t been quite successful. Their wild vocals are hard to match to a beat or fit to another key, but Schmolli did it. And the moments of Sia are as enjoyable as ever. Check it out!

Titanium 500 [David Guetta feat. Sia vs. The Proclaimers vs. Midnight Oil] – DJ Schmolli

I just love this sample of Skrillex rage. It’s so playful. DJ Trademark has a lovely style of lighter feeling mashups. It’s hard to describe but I like it. Trademark is using Sia on this track as well but it feels different. Give it a listen for yourself.

Keep Me Waiting – DJ Trademark

DiBella packs a heavy dosage of pop into this progressive house package. This is becoming easier and easier these days as pop artists are realizing that progressive house is awesome. This makes me happy. DiBella’s track is as catchy as it can possibly be. Spotted on Earmilk. Enjoy!

Mozart Got Bent (Mat Zo & Arty x John Gold x Ke$ha x Taio x Chris Willis) – DiBella

I love the combination of tracks in this piece but the sample of Forrest Gump (I think that’s what it’s from..?) that gives the track its title really annoys me. DJ Foxfire is working with DJ C^2 on this track. Despite the Gump, I really like this track. It’s intense and very danceable with pop sprinkled liberally where it was needed. Check it out.

Lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream – DJ Foxfire

Ok so I loved it when Eminem and Marilyn Manson teamed make a song. DJ Burnout replaces Manson’s main contributions to the song (the instrumental) with some good new fashioned dubstep from Skrillex, Knife Party, and MartyParty. And it’s rather appropriate. The Ice Cream Truck addition is rather fun too. Give it a listen.

Radio Won’t Even Play My Jam – DJ Burnout

5 & A Dime has crafted my new favorite Lady Gaga mashup with this track. In case you were wondering, this track is also unbelievably pop filled. Enjoy it!

Shit Party Girls Dance To – 5 & A Dime

Jimi Needles gave us a view of the first mashup he ever made, and it’s good. I can see where he’s grown as a mashup artist, but this track is pretty great on its own merits. Very funky. Check it out.

Supermassive Word Up (Muse vs Cameo) – Jimi Needles

DJ Frogg brings together Louis and Duke with Missy Elliot and A.Skillz in this fun mashup. I like the time given to the horn. It helps to round out the genres. Spotted on MashupTown. Give it a listen for yourself.

I Don’t Mean a Mash – DJ Frogg

Now Mashup-Germany put this out a week or two ago, so I’m sorry for not sharing it sooner, but now you should get ready for enjoyment. In one of the best mashups of Childish Gambino I’ve heard, Stilller adds Nicki effortlessly along with many other worthy tracks. As always, Stilller’s mashups flow effortlessly. Enjoy and have a good week!

Every teardrop has a super bass – Mashup-Germany



  1. ach, you repeated a picture 😛

    Love the theme of them all though

  2. nevermind, my computer just loaded an old post I though was the new one – durr

    • Haha, fair enough. Yeah, I’m glad you like it! Hearts are a pretty easy theme to keep up. I started out with collages and the sort (like a visual mashup) but I ran out of pictures within about four posts. People love hearts though, so it’s easy to find good pictures of them.

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