Fear Not the Dubstep XXXI

February 2, 2012

It’s a Thursday folks. And I have some dubstep! I thought you would appreciate if I shared.

Cris Cab is getting big! He teamed up with Mavado and Wyclef on this one. When I heard I first heard this I was shocked by the sheer heaviness of the bass. The instrumental is almost purely wobbage. But that makes sense when you think about the origins of dubstep. Give it a listen.

Rihanna’s Gun ft. Mavado and Wyclef – Cris Cab

So I already love this track. Adding extreme bass just makes me love it more. Patrick Reza didn’t do a lot with Sia’s amazing vocals, though what he kept was brilliant. The instrumental is really what shines here. Enjoy!

Breathe Me (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix) – Sia

This January I was working with some friends finding appropriate music for a computer game they put together using RPG Maker. I spent a lot of time poring over some chiptune sites, which is where I discovered PamTech. This song wouldn’t have really worked for the game but I fell in love with it. The distant vocals and the heavily filtered bass just sound good together. Chipstep? Check it out.

Cube – PamTech

Hello middle school angst, meet some heavy bass of another color. Kit Fysto did a number on this track and the end result is quite fun. Spotted this on Earmilk. Give it a listen or two.

Wake Up (Kit Fysto Remix) – Story of The Year

I know it’s no longer quite Thursday but let’s start Friday on an epic note. This is hands down one of the most epic dubstep tracks I’ve heard. DanielofSparta works with some DnB mentality and triumphant synths. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

The Hardest Ever (DanielofSparta Dubstep Remix) – will.i.am


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