Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXV

January 20, 2012

Happy Friday folks, are you ready for the weekend? I am, but if you’re not, here’s some songs to send you in the right direction.

Here’s that other track Mashup-Germany dropped last week. This one is much slower and quieter. Stilller decided to turn Sia’s “Titanium” into a slow ballad, and it’s beautiful. I love Sia and with her powerful voice, a ballad makes a lot of sense. Check it out!

Fixing Titanium – Mashup-Germany

The Jane Doze also have a quieter song here. Since they jumped on the Gotye train that seems fairly reasonable. As far as being dance music goes, this doesn’t. It’s interesting though, and it draws cool elements together in a pleasing way. Listen for yourself.

Kids, Set Fire To Someone That I Used To Know – The Jane Doze

The Leaving Scene is new to me, but this is a smooth mashup of the Weeknd. With some dramatic drums in the background the vocals really shine. It’s hard not to like the darkness of this. Enjoy!

The Moon Outside (TLS Mash) – The Weeknd & Balam Acab

The Hood Internet have another one for us. I really liked M83, then I got sick of it, but I think I like this song again. Maybe it’s just because the Hood Internet used it well. Maybe not. If that distinctive vocal trill from M83 annoys you, I think you should skip it. Everyone else should check it out.

One Midnight With You (Mayer Hawthorne x M83) – The Hood Internet

I’m glad I’ve heard of BL455 because he’s putting out some excellent stuff now and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Neither should you. Starting out without a beat, BL455 puts the fastest rapper alive (at one point) above a slow rolling beat. The added hook is lovely as well. Give it a listen.

Overnight Paradise – BL455 ft. Dr. Brixx

Doug Bogan decided he needed some new samples so he tried to find some that hadn’t been used before. I like the result. Sure some of these are samples that others have used, but the new ones make them all sound fresh. The beat… sparkles (that’s as good a description as I can think of) with high synths. The end result is a stellar track that really stands out. Enjoy!

I Can’t Let You Go – Doug Bogan

DJ Foxfire isn’t using a Beach Boys sample on this one. It’s pop in the best way possible. With an electronic beat and various pop vocals this mashup just works. Nothing sticks out as atonal or missing the beat. Good production goes a long way. I especially enjoy the gentle electro break. Check it out!

Good Vibrations – DJ Foxfire

David Austin chose some quality songs when making this mashup. Beautiful synths meet beautiful vocals meet a beat. It’s trance-y and progressive house. Very fun. Give it a listen.

Fighting For Psynapse (David Austin Mix) – Deadmau5 vs Morgan Page

I’ve saved a recommendation from my good friend Ron Burgundy for the final song. Settipalli Productions has his stamp of approval, so it must be good. And it is. I really enjoy the background track. Both tropical and electronic, it reminds me of the early aughts (yeah that’s right I’m using that silly term for ’00s) and the fun dance music we had then. While the producers are doing some odd things to the pacing of some of the vocals it all sounds good. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Ron Burgundy Is Beautiful – Settipalli Productions


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