Jaaam – Pogo

January 18, 2012

This is one of those songs that gets better every time you hear it. It’s also addictive so that works out. Pogo made this entrancing song by working with samples from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love that show, so this works out for me. The tunes he pulls out of people talking are astounding. Heard it over on the Music Ninja. Check it out.

Jaaam – Pogo

Bonus: And here’s the nostalgic video to go along with it and help you place some of the samples.



  1. links down

    • Yeah… Mediafire decided to delete all of my files without telling me. So it’s kind of hard to edit every post. But thankfully you can still download all of the music by right clicking on the link hosted here (with the song name on it instead of “Or from Mediafire”) and clicking “Save as”. Plus all the music provided here was provided free to download by the artists in one place or another, so it should be possible to find most or all of the songs hosted elsewhere on the web.

  2. but you can download everything he remixes on his web site name your price

  3. God I freakin’ love Pogo. I had no idea he did a Fresh Prince track.

    • I know, right? So good. I was really jamming out on him today, too!

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