Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXIV

January 13, 2012

Happy Friday folks! It’s a mashup sort of day and a day to celebrate. Winter finally came, two months late. I blame Al Gore. While not frolicking in the cold, pulling down storm windows, and cleaning up the snow that came in while pulling down the storm windows, I thought I’d share some awesome mashups.

Yoni was quite clever titling this mashup. I think I shall adopt the term “yearworm” from now on to mean a mashup of the top Top 40 music of a year. Yoni’s mashup is a bit bouncier than Earworm’s own. As usual, it is well produced. Enjoy!

Yoni’s 2011 Yearworm – Yoni

DOSVEC is starting the year off right with his first mashup of the year. It encourages dancing and uses Calvin Harris, which makes me happy on principle. It’s a very happy and catchy tune. Check it out!

Five (Mylo, FreeSol ft. Justin Timberlake & Calvin Harris vs Archie V) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

Minnesota isn’t just a home for winter, a maker of dubstep, and a place to find lakes. In fact the dubstep producer also does mashups. Who knew? Probably lots of people, but now I do too. This one has a pretty hard and spartan beat to open before drawing in Dorrough and then Radiohead. The Radiohead lends a far more interesting ambience to the beat. Take a listen for yourself.

Ice Cream In Its Right Place (Radiohead/Dorrough Mash-Up) – Minnesota

Here’s another funky one from Daigo. While the Lupe hook doesn’t quite fit the beginning, the verses certainly do. The summer-y funky instrumental works with Lupe’s timbre and attitude perfectly. Enjoy!

Soul Superstar – Daigo

Mashup-Germany came out with two new songs today. You can always check it out for yourself now, but I’ll be sure to include the other track next week. This one hits my sweet tooth because of the reggae and reggaeton influences that Stilller blends into this one flawlessly. Check it out!

Got 2 luv lazy Michel Teló – Mashup-Germany

Yet again I have to say, I love DJ 21azy‘s choice in songs to work with. How can I say no to Jimmy Eat World? That’s right, I can’t. The rap is classic as well. DJ 21azy is just a connoisseur of the classics. Take a listen for yourself.

Just The Player’s Anthem – DJ 21azy

The Two Friends are at again with this Wiz and Two Door mashup. It starts out unbelievably chill and pretty. It eventually attains a house influenced hip hop beat that fits both rap and singing. It’s lovely. Enjoy!

When You Know (2F Mashup) – the Two Friends

Let’s pick up the pace a bit with this club themed mashup from Broomestix. Yeah it starts with “Lights” but then it also uses “Dirty Talk”. I like it. Definitely a track you should bump at your next party. Check it out.

Some Dirty Circus Sunshine (David Guetta/Avicii + Wolfgang Gartner + Wynter Gordon + Deadmau5) – Broomestix

And of course I saved the best for last. 3lau has two versions of this track but I highly prefer this one. Rihanna’s vocals have yet to tire me out and this progressive house beat is still hot. Together they just make sense. Listen for yourself and enjoy! Have a great weekend!

We Found House (3LAU Big Room Bootleg) – Basto feat Rihanna


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