Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXIII

January 6, 2012

I hope you all had some good holidays, I sure did! I know Ike has been sharing some mashups with you all but I haven’t done Friday mashup post in more than two weeks so here you are! Let’s go!

That’s right, the year ended, and DJ Earworm graces us with another of his yearmixes. Mashups of all the most popular music of the year used to be something only Earworm did, but now everyone seems to be trying their hand at it. Some of the results are horrible, but this one is not. However, I think he worked with the lyrics so much more than the melodies that the melody suffered. The lyrics work quite well and I have no real complaints because the mashup is pretty flawless. I guess I just usually hold Earworm to a very high standard. I do really like the part where he combines the whistles from “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Moves Like Jagger”. Enjoy it!

United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom) – DJ Earworm

I love it when artists collaborate because it encourages cross genre influences upon the music, like a mashup. But when two mashup artists team up to make music? I’m not sure that encourages any more genre mixing than was already present but it sounds damn fine. 5 & A Dime and Basic Physics are both excellent mashup artists and the both brought their A-game to this track. Check it out.

Filth in Paris – 5 & A Dime and Basic Physics

This track has been all over the blagosphere and for good cause. I don’t think I’d ever heard N3AKO before, but now I have and I’m glad! This track also uses the “Crush on You” sample to good effect. Take a listen and decide which is better, this track or the track above it.

Her First Crush (Skrillex x Nero x Killsonik) – N3AKO

Yeah that’s right, our funk-master, Mr. Jimi Needles, has taken on “Gold Dust”. It’s not as dubstep-y as Flux Pavilion’s take on it, nor as drum n bass-y as the original, but it does have way more wobs and bass than Jimi normally uses. Despite these electronic forays, Jimi’s trademark funkiness comes through cleanly. This is a track to bob your head to. Enjoy!

Something About Gold Dust (Jimi Needles VIP Blend) – DJ Fresh vs Psymbionic vs Daft Punk

When I first saw this song I thought it was another year mix. Norwegian Recycling is already a mashup artist I respected, so I didn’t mind. But while he includes a lot of this year’s top songs it’s certainly not a top 25. He didn’t feel any need to stick to this past year’s music, so he threw in anything he liked too. Which makes for a really good mashup. Check it out!

Good Feeling – Norwegian Recycling

Dotcom made an awesome mashup here. I’m not sure I have a lot more to say here. This track is hot. I love the progressive house feel to the background despite not being able to remember the track it’s from at the moment. I also love Drake. This track is just great, OK? Take my word on it and listen to it.

Get Ur Money Buzzin’ – Dotcom

Slowing down a little, DJ Kontrol uses some more smooth Drake. Actually this whole track feels smooth, even the rap. I think my favorite line is still “It’s my birthday I’ll get high if I want to…” Enjoy.

Take Care & Follow Me – DJ Kontrol

Ipaneema is another name that’s new to me, and another one I’m glad to learn. While I don’t really understand the intro, I certainly enjoy the “Raise Your Weapon” vocals. They sound much more party-fied with this background. Check it out!

Rock your Weapon at the Cinema (Ipaneema Mash-up) – Michael Jackson vs Madeon vs Benny Benassi

The Hood Internet has been sharing all their rejected mashups of the year for New Years but they’ve already come out with two new mashups that were not rejected. This one follows their pattern of fitting two songs most people would never think of in the same day and combining them (well). It’s chill and relaxing once you get to the Beyonce vocals a couple seconds in. A good song to end on. Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Exquisite Party (Beyonce vs Of Montreal) – the Hood Internet

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