Mercury – Wax Monsters

December 27, 2011

Hailing from Oberlin College in Ohio, Wax Monsters have two EPs out and are working toward an album. They’ve shared the stage with artists like Class Actress, Chrome Sparks, Kohwi, Pepepiano, Lou Breed, and Beowulf. Their first EP, Ancosta, pulls together some complex and enticing but very chilled out sounds. Fantasy Battles, their second EP, picks up from the previous EP and is much faster paced, utilizing some different drum samples and appealing to a more dance-oriented sound. They see Fantasy Battles as a transition on their way toward a full-length album due in the summer of 2012. We’ll be looking for it.

In the song “Mercury”, I find myself wanting to rock back and forth slowly. It just feels really cool. I know that’s not very illuminating but it’s true. It’s very experimental sounding electronica. Now I don’t really think that the categories I had to give quite fit. This isn’t really glitch but it has some glitch elements to it. It doesn’t really use 8-bit synths but it does sound a bit chiptune-y at times. It’s not trance music but you can certainly trance out to it. Honestly this is music to dance to while under the influence of something or other. I feel rather floaty just listening to it. Listen to it for yourself to decide.

Mercury – Wax Monsters

And here’s my second favorite song, “Am I Going Mad?”. Yes I know the punctuation is incorrect, I just think that punctuation, in English at least, is silly and arbitrary. And since this is my website I’m writing with a consistent set of more sensible punctuation rules. Anyway, this track gets a little faster paced but maintains the fun synth combinations and trance-y sounds that I liked from “Mercury”. I also feel like this song is happier than the first. Check it out.

Am I Going Mad? – Wax Monsters


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