Drive (ft. Incubus) – 3LAU & Acetronik

December 26, 2011

You know what song I love? “Drive” by Incubus. It’s such a chill song, so relaxed and acoustic. Well 3lau & Acetronik decided to flip it. I could have taken offense. Instead I decided I loved this version too. They’re not just working with mashups anymore. This is some original production to turn “Drive” into a legitimate foot stomping progressive house track. Even the vocals sound far more like a pop hook designed for the club than an introspective hook befitting a guitar background. It’s really rather stunning. If you’re interested in the two other tracks on this mini-EP (yes one of them is “Tubthumping”) head over to the download page on Good Music All Day, where I heard this first. Enjoy!

Drive (ft. Incubus) – 3LAU & Acetronik


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