Fear Not the Dubstep XXIX

December 23, 2011

Yes that’s right folks! Despite being on break, I am still keeping track of what day it is. Today is Thursday – Oh. Never mind then… Well you’re getting dubstep anyways because I already uploaded it and started this post. So. Yeah.

So I love Ronald Jenkees a lot. I know I promised to post this awhile ago, but then finals happened and I went to a place without joy, happiness, or internet. Well here it is now. Wolf-e-Wolf brings this song into the world of dubstep and I for one am glad. Enjoy!

Stay Crunchy (Wolf-e-Wolf 2011 Remix) – Ronald Jenkees

Next up, we have an original track from Fonik. It’s rare these days for me to find original works of dubstep for free but Fonik is getting some publicity releasing this. This is hectic, loud, and epic. I’m sure some snobs would say Fonik’s making American dubstep. But this track is way too well produced to sniff at. It may be in the more in-your-face style of American DJs but it’s done well and sounds awesome. You may have noticed I don’t mind American dubstep. The key is musical composition and production. Then I’m sold. Try it for yourself.

Pain Game – Fonik

Next up, a Rihanna remix from Glitchdick. I’ve been hearing a ton of remixes of “We Found Love” and this one has a familiar formula. Play a slightly hyped up intro of the original song. Reach a repeat point. Hit the drop with the chorus. But Glitchdick does this all well. And that’s the real kicker. Want a party song? Here it is. Check it out.

We Fucked Yellow Diamonds (Glitchdick Remix) – Rihanna

Now slow down. Take it easy. This track from Kazi Ploae came off of the Silent Strike Instrumentals album which you have to download now if you haven’t already. Silent Strike put together the album with instrumentals of tracks he’s produced for people. This track stays chill and relaxed even while on a walk down a dark alley getting ready to confront the mob boss that killed its father. Yeah it’s that epic. Enjoy it.

Investigatii (Silent Strike Instrumental) – Kazi Ploae

Yeah so this isn’t really a new track from Zeds Dead, but it’s the VIP mix. I just learned today (thank you Google) that in this case, VIP stands for Variation in Production, not Very Important Person. This explains a lot. I don’t notice a lot of difference from the original remix but it’s just as epic as ever. So check it out.

Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix VIP) – Blue Foundation

And here’s the last track for the day and also very possibly my favorite. ENiGMA has gotten a reputation for being into that chillstep vibe. Well as it happens so am I. Plus I loved this song already. There’s not a lot to say about this song other than that ENiGMA doesn’t get in the way of the original glory of this song but ephasizes it with subtle grumblings of wobbage, which clear up providing a dazzling central chorus. It’s beautiful. Give it a listen and have a good one.

Hide and Seek (ENiGMA Remix) – Imogen Heap

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And here’s an insane Christmas bonus:


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