Nameless – Pat Lee

December 22, 2011

It has been over a week since I last blogged. I’ve been dealing with my very own personal finals hell. But I finally finished (at 4:30am yesterday) and now I can blog again! There’s a ton of stuff I have stacked up and ready to blog now, but this has to come first. I’ve been waiting for Pat Lee‘s “Nameless” EP to come out ever since he dropped his amazing flip of “Stairway”. At first it was supposed to drop in late May but Lee decided to hold up and make the tracks sound as clean and well produced as possible. As an audiophile, I can appreciate this kind of perfectionism. Every track on this EP is crisp and professional. Yeah that’s right, the wait is over, “Nameless” is out. I’m going to review a couple of my favorite songs but if you don’t want to wait, feel free to download the full EP here.

“Don’t Worry, Don’t Care” establishes itself very quickly as happy and relaxed song. Following the example of Atmosphere, Lee uses a very soulful song to sample, turning it into an excellent, fun instrumental. The lyrics match the track, telling the listener to relax and take it easy. Lee is playful and gives a lot of amusing wordplay, including proving that the person who said “Tomorrow has enough problems of its own” and not worry about it was a gangster. This is definitely my favorite track from the EP. Once again I think that the indie rap label Rhymesayers should sign Pat Lee, he really fits their sound.
Don’t Worry, Don’t Care by nameinacloud

“Back Home” starts out with a lovely piano that turns into a simple riff to rap over. I love it when rap samples piano, it just really tends to work. Pat Lee spends this track rapping nostalgia about his home. He gives a little history of his music origins and presents it as a story that everyone at home can relate to. Nice. Enjoy it and don’t forget to download “Nameless” here.
Back Home by nameinacloud


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