Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXI

December 9, 2011

It’s Friday folks! And it snowed! And finals are descending! Oh God! Okay! Let’s do this!

In case you’re still in a dubstep kind of mood from yesterday, here’s another. At first you might think, oh another hip hop dubstep mix. Meh. But then you’ll realize this is no common mashup. Pineapple Goblin Trott chopped and screwed Weezy’s vocals just enough to fit perfectly with some Skrillexian rage. It’s perfect. Check it out!

Steady Wobbin’ (Skrillex vs. Lil’ Wayne) – Pineapple Goblin Trott

Daigo usually is our funk master, but he takes on some dubstep elements in this one. Yet it still sounds funky to me, just faster. I like it. I want funkstep to be a thing. Can we make that happen? Listen to this track and then tell me that you don’t want more. I dare you.

Watch The Shot – Daigo

Remember this track? I sure do. But I never remember it sounding this hood. Tyga’s beat really gives this track some street cred. DJ Kontrol made a winner with this one. This is the kind of the song to really bump. Enjoy it!

Get Low (Lil Jon & DJ Kontrol Rack City Blend) (Dirty) – Lil Jon vs. Tyga

FratHouse brings in some progressive house for your party needs. I still maintain that one of the easier ways to start a dance party is to play progressive house. Once people have started dancing you can switch genres and they’ll be willing to try them out, but they really need the push at the start to get them going. FratHouse understands this and delivers in style. Check it out!

D.A.N.C.E With Your Friends (FratHouse Mashup) – EDX vs Justice

I’ve got another mashup from the Two Friends for you. This one follows progressive house well. Pop dominates but the house synths are present and blend in a really exciting way. You have to listen to really understand, but it is cool. Take a listen!

Don’t Stop This Feeling (2F Bootleg) – The Two Friends

Yeah that’s right, two DJ Graycat tracks in two days! Hard to resist. Especially since he’s using Ronald Jenkees as a base. I haven’t thought of that guy in a year or so. And then I get a remix of this track sent to me today (you’ll see that on the site within the week). Cosmic. Graycat blends the lyrics to all refer to the same sad subject of cheating. The melodies work as well. And the Jenkees touch takes this song over the edge. Enjoy!

A Song About Cheating (Adele, One Republic, Destinys Child and Ronald Jenkees) – DJ Graycat

Shifting gears a little, we’ll transition using One Republic. I was charmed by the classic rock addition by Tonight’s Mashup. This is a very simple A+B track but it works surprisingly well. And that’s really what sells an A+B mashup, the surprise factor. So check it out!

25 or 6 to the Right Moves – Tonight’s Mashup

I know, I know, another Lana del Ray bootleg. But I still like it, so too bad. Pheugoo takes a different route to mashing this up than most. Instead of keeping the vocals, Pheugoo keeps the intrumental and adds different vocals. It gives it a different hook and is really worth listening to. So listen!

Summer Games – Pheugoo

I really like it when artists mashup their own music. They always have the cleanest production, for obvious reasons. So Icona Pop mashed themselves up with Madonna. But I don’t usually like Madonna. But I really like this one. It must be just the instrumental. I’m just not thinking about it too hard. It’s great anyways. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Nights Like Bonita – Icona Pop x Madonna

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