Fear Not the Dubstep XXVIII

December 8, 2011

So last night an awesome thing happened. A bunch of big names in mashups (Kap Slap, 3lau, DOSVEC, Basic Physics, etc) were invited to play sets on Turntable.fm, a website in which you can have virtual stages and the audience gives feedback on a scale from awesome to lame. The “Mashtival”, as it was called, was very fun and I found more mashups, some of which will be included in this dubstep post. Ready? Here we go.

Last night was the first night I’d heard DJ Graycat before, and I was pleased I had. This mashup really tore up the (virtual) dancefloor. Adding Waka really surprised me and I was sold from then on. Listen for your self!

Wreck Em (Extended Edit) – DJ Graycat / Or from Mediafire

Now that everyone’s seen the George Michael video, Ditta & Dumont decided to capitalize on that well known riff. It’s fun and wobbly. Enjoy!

Careless Whisper (Ditta & Dumont Remix) – George Michael / Or from Mediafire

GRiZ takes this Kanye remix in a surprising direction, making about half of it light and jazzy, saloon sound. The other half is hip hop and dubstep. It’s very enjoyable and accessible. Take a listen.

Can’t Tell Me Nuthin (GRiZ REmix) – Kanye West / Or from Mediafire

Binary really turned this track into a wobbly bass filled version of itself. But the beautiful quality of the vocals isn’t marred, and pretty piano is even added. Very cool. Check it out!

Apologize (Binary ‘2-L8-2’ Remix) – One Republic / Or from Mediafire

Now this leads me to a dubstep remix of “Video Games” and a question. I find that songs like this are “remixed to death”. People will say, “Not this song again!” when a week ago they were really into it. Does overplay make a song worse? I don’t think it does, I think people just go numb to the beauty they first appreciated. Stylust & Keyz Da Vamp emphasize that orchestral beauty in this remix while adding some serious bass that I think complements this song perfectly. Decide for yourself.

Video Games (Stylust & Keyz Da Vamp Remix) – Lana del Ray / Or from Mediafire

I haven’t posted a HULK remix in awhile which is a pity because those remixes tend to match the name in sheer magnitude. While the middle of this track may feel a little repetitive or oppressive, it will make an epic dance track. Enjoy!

Sunlight (HULK Remix) – Modestep / Or from Mediafire

So in the past I’ve complained that it’s gotten hard to find free dubstep. My solution today is to use mashups with dubstep. Acceptable? 5 & A Dime take Dillon Francis and runs with him. This track is hectic and hopping, but really well composed. Everything matches and has some excellent rage throughout. Check it out!

M.O.O.M.B.A.H.M.A.S.H. – 5 & A Dime / Or from Mediafire

I’m fairly sure this is my first post of Manila Killa as well. He was DJing last night as well and this one really got a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd. Using the Bloody Beetroots really helps with amping up the energy of a song. Enjoy!

Look at me Now (Manila Killa Remix) – Manilla Killa / Or from Mediafire

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