American Cirkut Boy (Cirkut vs Kanye & Estelle) – Captain Cuts

December 6, 2011

So yesterday, while cruising Twitter, taking a break from my research paper, I saw a very important Tweet from Captain Cuts. I know, it feels weird calling a tweet something important, but nevertheless it was. This tweet asked if any blogs were interested in debuting their next mashup. The devoted fan I am (for reference see my first post on Captain Cuts), I jumped on that Tweet with a Tweet of my own. Soon enough Ryan McMahon, the vigilante, emailed me and Oh My Rock the track. So here we go, the Demi-World Premiere of “American Cirkut Boy”.

Captain Cuts are drawing on two tracks, but it’s not quite an A+B mashup. By using an electro remix as one of their songs, they’ve added a whole new layer without putting as much effort into it. They’ve chosen a great remix of Ke$ha I’ve blogged before, back in my first Synths and Wobs post. Adding Kanye and Estelle gives this track an added flavor of hip hop, but Captain Cuts don’t let that overwhelm the electro sound. Instead in that distinctive style, they let Kanye take the lead for a bit (note the acapella) then give electro the foreground, adding Estelle to the background. Short and sweet and fun to listen to. Check it out!

American Cirkut Boy (Cirkut vs Kanye & Estelle) – Captain Cuts / Or from Mediafire

Captain Cuts – American Cirkut Boy (Cirkut vs Kanye & Estelle) by Captain Cuts


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