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Level Problems – Cake Effect

December 29, 2011

Here’s something you would usually get from Mashix- a Levels mashup. Cake Effect chops up Avicii’s Levels into the beat for this track, similar to how The Two Friends’ worked Daylight in Do It All Again. It’s still got that good Levels feel, but sounds different from a lot of other Levels mashups. Make sure you hear this from speakers with some good bass. Enjoy!

Level Problems (Avicii x MaxBird x Lil Scrappy) – Cake Effect / Or from Mediafire


Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Dirty Harry (Jay-Z vs. Gorillaz) – zwieR.Z.

December 27, 2011

New update, haven’t done one in a while. I’ll try to be doing these more often! This is the shortly titled Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Dirty Harry (Jay-Z vs. Gorillaz) by zwieR.Z. It’s another simple A+B mashup, but the combination of Gorillaz and Jay-Z comes out surprisingly perfectly. Something about this track really reminds me of the DJ Hero soundtrack, so especially if you were a fan of that series give this a listen.

Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Dirty Harry (Jay-Z vs. Gorillaz) – zwieR.Z. / Or fromĀ  Mediafire


Mercury – Wax Monsters

December 27, 2011

Hailing from Oberlin College in Ohio, Wax Monsters have two EPs out and are working toward an album. They’ve shared the stage with artists like Class Actress, Chrome Sparks, Kohwi, Pepepiano, Lou Breed, and Beowulf. Their first EP, Ancosta, pulls together some complex and enticing but very chilled out sounds. Fantasy Battles, their second EP, picks up from the previous EP and is much faster paced, utilizing some different drum samples and appealing to a more dance-oriented sound. They see Fantasy Battles as a transition on their way toward a full-length album due in the summer of 2012. We’ll be looking for it.

In the song “Mercury”, I find myself wanting to rock back and forth slowly. It just feels really cool. I know that’s not very illuminating but it’s true. It’s very experimental sounding electronica. Now I don’t really think that the categories I had to give quite fit. This isn’t really glitch but it has some glitch elements to it. It doesn’t really use 8-bit synths but it does sound a bit chiptune-y at times. It’s not trance music but you can certainly trance out to it. Honestly this is music to dance to while under the influence of something or other. I feel rather floaty just listening to it. Listen to it for yourself to decide.

Mercury – Wax Monsters

And here’s my second favorite song, “Am I Going Mad?”. Yes I know the punctuation is incorrect, I just think that punctuation, in English at least, is silly and arbitrary. And since this is my website I’m writing with a consistent set of more sensible punctuation rules. Anyway, this track gets a little faster paced but maintains the fun synth combinations and trance-y sounds that I liked from “Mercury”. I also feel like this song is happier than the first. Check it out.

Am I Going Mad? – Wax Monsters


Drive (ft. Incubus) – 3LAU & Acetronik

December 26, 2011

You know what song I love? “Drive” by Incubus. It’s such a chill song, so relaxed and acoustic. Well 3lau & Acetronik decided to flip it. I could have taken offense. Instead I decided I loved this version too. They’re not just working with mashups anymore. This is some original production to turn “Drive” into a legitimate foot stomping progressive house track. Even the vocals sound far more like a pop hook designed for the club than an introspective hook befitting a guitar background. It’s really rather stunning. If you’re interested in the two other tracks on this mini-EP (yes one of them is “Tubthumping”) head over to the download page on Good Music All Day, where I heard this first. Enjoy!

Drive (ft. Incubus) – 3LAU & Acetronik


Happy Holidays from Zach Braff and Donald Faison

December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXXII

December 24, 2011

Ok so I know it isn’t Friday but I felt bad that I got mixed up yesterday and thought I’d give you a day of mashups anyways. So without further ado, here are 9 killer mashups I’ve been meaning to share for awhile.

So apparently El-P put out a call for the artists most likely to sue over copyright infringement and then mashed up their work. The beat is pretty cool. The vocals are a little out of it and the production is a little fuzzy. But the concept is solid and as usual El-P makes a heavy track. Check it out.


Well these aren’t artists I typically would class together but Pheugoo went there. And it works very well. I think Cascade should sing with guitar more often. Enjoy!

Evacuate Gods Smile – Pheugoo

Bynar put together an epic and complex mashup here. I like that the instrumental is a combination of songs at times and it’s not just an A+B the whole time. This track is less of a party track and more of a mood track. Give it a listen for yourself.

Cracked Obstacle (Interpol vs. The XX vs. Freestylers vs. Arctic Monkeys) – Bynar

Yeah ok, so BL455 is going with some old Gaga, but you know what, it’s some good Gaga and BL455 really gives it a good working over. This one is a party song. Check it out.

Just Feeling Good – BL455

So this is my favorite out of these 9. I heard this track a little bit ago, but didn’t have a chance to post it but that turned out to be good because Dotcom updated it with some epic chopping and screwing additions. I think the Gambino section is the weakest section but that’s saying something. Enjoy this one.

Stereo Replay – Dotcom

Sex Ray Vision has come out with a lot of mashups since this one, but I’m a little behind, and I liked this one. So have fun with this one.

Turn Up The Love [Mashup] – Sex Ray Vision

DJ Fergie Ferg remade DJ Bahler’s mashup and it came out really well. Plus it uses Blink-182 which hits a soft spot for every 20-something-year-old I know. So I approve, in a nostalgic sort of way. But it’s also just a really smooth mashup. Check it out.

Swimming in Solace [KiD CuDi + Blink 182 + Bob Marley + Passion Pit] – DJ Fergie Ferg

Here’s another fun one from DJ Graycat. As a Nicki fan, I like her presence on this one. The production is clean and the music is danceable. What else can you ask for? Give it a listen.

Hugs for Everyone – DJ Graycat

And now I think I’ll close with this track from DJ Kontrol. He starts with the rather corny intro from Soulja Boi but quickly gets into Chris Brown’s hooks which work easily with the beat. Simple, clean, and smooth. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Yeah Kiss Me 3x – DJ Kontrol

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Adderall and Red Bull – Timeflies

December 24, 2011

This song did exactly what Timeflies intended it to do and got me through finals. Yeah I didn’t need actual Aderall and Red Bull. I got by with copious amounts of Coke (aCola) and Mountain Dew. But that’s right. I spent about a week working without stopping. The last three days I slept 9/72 hours. It sucked. But I finished and I’m only really worried about one class. So. Not bad. Now I thought I’d share the song I had on repeat while pumping out paper after paper. I heard it on Camelback Music first. Enjoy!

Adderall and Red Bull – Timeflies