Fear Not the Dubstep XXVII

November 25, 2011

Happy Friday! Happy Thanksgiving! Ready for a quick dubstep post? Yeah I thought so.

Thought we’d be doing mashups today right? Well here’s a mashup, with dubstep. Fytch & Jaysty front Eminem against Shady and bass explosions follow. Enjoy!

Lose Yourself Till I Collapse Patiently Waiting – Fytch & Jaysty / Or from Mediafire

First of all I love Cry Wolf. Secondly I love Mr. Little Jeanscover of The Suburbs. So when Cry Wolf hops on the remix of the cover, great things happen. Check it out!

The Suburbs (Cry Wolf Remix) – Mr. Little Jeans / Or from Mediafire

Ok so the next two songs may or may not be legal to post. Feed Me has a Beatport but neither song is up for purchase there. They could be leaks, but if anyone sees them somewhere for purchase, tell me and I’ll switch these to stream only. As it is, this is a lovely and subtle addition of dubstep to a sweet indie track. Give it a listen.

What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club cover) – Feed Me / Or from Mediafire

Apparently someone else is insisting they made this song as well, so this song is doubly suspect. But it sure is fun. It’s hard not to post this one since it’s riffing off of the Anchorman movie. This track builds sweetly in classic Skrillex style and then drops into some insane bass and rage. Check it out!

Loud Noises – Skrillex & Feed Me / Or from Mediafire

Still wistfully hoping for mashups? Here’s another. Pulse FX delivers some rap and rage. Enjoy.

OHMYGODMGK – Pulse FX / Or from Mediafire

Next up some Lily Allen is taken to a higher pace and a more intense level with Oblivion‘s influence. Give it a listen.

Not Fair (Oblivion Remix) – Lily Allen / Or from Mediafire

And to finish us off, here’s a beautiful track from Tolgar. It starts off slow and sparkling and builds into something grimy and resolute. Check it out.

Discord (Tolgar Remix) – Midnight Conspiracy / Or from Mediafire

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