It Goes Cold – AudioDax

November 22, 2011

So I wasn’t sure what to post today and I was thinking about it on my way back from class, biking through cold rain. When I got back, switched to warm clothes and a blanket and started looking for something, the first track I saw was “It Goes Cold” by AudioDax. Good Music All Day had just posted it and I started listening to it. The instrumental filled my room (surround sound for the win) and it sounded like the blanket felt, blurrily warm and comforting. The vocals crooned about being out in the cold and while I know it’s metaphorical, I really empathized. It’s a beautiful song. Check it out.

It Goes Cold – AudioDax / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: AudioDax dropped this song a few days earlier, so I checked it out too and it’s more upbeat and happy, but just as beautifully composed. It’s got a funkier hip hop beat but the sweet lyrics on the hook are matched by the sweetness of the voice. When the rap verses cut in the singer quietly backs the vocals in sing song tones. It’s sweet and excellent. Enjoy!

Smile – AudioDax / Or from Mediafire


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