Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXVIII

November 18, 2011

Well it’s Friday, and I have no shortage of mashups. In fact I have surplus. What am I going to do with them all? I think I’ll increase the standard number I post on Fridays. Let’s get started!

My man Greg says this may be his favorite mashup out there. So it’s only right that I post it. Stevie Wonder never sounded so metal. And it works for him. He might want to try a collaboration in the future. Wax Audio masterminds this surprising mix. Give it a listen.

Sad But Superstitious – Wax Audio / Or from Mediafire

The White Panda decided to go for a little harder content this week. Not only are they Raging Against the Machine but they are raging in true Skrillex style. Enjoy.

Testify It – The White Panda / Or from Mediafire

As always, Daigo brings the funk. This track feels practically klezmer. But with the rap vocals it feels like an urban gypsy track. Check it out.

It’s Like That – Daigo / Or from Mediafire

Okay, it’s time for two takes on “Paradise”. Norwegian Recycling decides that Elton John would be an ideal addition. Do you agree? I like it but I have friends who don’t. Give it a listen and decide. Spotted on Good Music All Day.

Paradise – Norwegian Recycling / Or from Mediafire

And here’s option two. Which do you prefer? Mashup-Germany thought that LMFAO would fit in nicely. And they do. Enjoy!

Paradise (Infinity and you know it) [Radio Edit] – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

I don’t think there’s any drama between Rihanna and Avicii, but the Jane Doze combined them nonetheless. This Avicii song has been mashed up a fair amount lately. I think it’s because “Levels” was so successful, they figured this song would be too. While in most mashups, the artists have been painfully wrong, the Jane Doze are entirely correct in this track. The two songs fit seamlessly. Check it out. Spotted on Cause Equals Time.

We Found Darkness (The Jane Doze Mashup) – Rihanna // Avicii / Or from Mediafire

Here’s another track using that Rihanna song. Which do you like better? I like the span of genres that The Musicmatician only drawing upon female pop stars. Listen to it.

Dreaming of Love and Drugs (Rihanna x Kesha x Beyonce x Nicki Minaj) – The Musicmatician / Or from Mediafire

Sick of Avicii yet? Too bad. Mashup artists are just getting into the swing of things. DJ Schmolli wants a stab at Avicii too. I think he gives it an intense sound that most mashups of Avicii miss. The guitar helps too. I especially like the hints of t.A.T.u. in the chorus. Enjoy! Spotted on MashupTown.

Cruelly Good Summer Feeling – DJ Schmolli / Or from Mediafire

How about now? Are you sick of Avicii now? Good. So are Bærs and they made this track to show it. I started laughing hysterically when I first heard this, and now when I listen to it I just enjoy it. Bærs have this habit of making mashups that sound like they’ve been thrown together haphazardly but that upon actual listening are intricate and original and unbelievably clever. Maybe they’re just lucky but I think it’s more likely that they’re just really talented. Give this track a listen and enjoy your weekend!

I Feel Good (Avicii vs. Gorillaz vs. Black Eyed Peas) – Bærs / Or from Mediafire


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