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U Got the Power – Swiss Lips

November 30, 2011

Okay! I’ve got the replacement laptop up and running and the broken laptop in the shop. The temp runs XP. It’s only been two and a half years since I stopped using it, but it still looks old. Runs like butter though. I like a lot of songs and recently I’ve noticed a pattern. I think I love synth-pop. And Swiss Lips delivers quality synth-pop on this track. This chorus has been stuck in my head since I first heard it on Pigeons and Planes. Simply awesome. Check it out!

U Got the Power – Swiss Lips / Or from Mediafire


We Are Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

November 29, 2011

I’m afraid I won’t be posting here until I get my own computer again. It was dropped over the break and I’m swamped with work keeping me in the library on the computers there, which keeps me away from the house where I need to be to sign for a rental computer delivery which could be delivered at any time. If you’re missing the music, stay tuned to PaperMashMicro where I’ll keep you posted on the site’s status and any great music I come across.


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXIX

November 25, 2011

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to post mashups. But I wouldn’t do that to you! It’s Friday, the time for mashups and celebrations! So let’s get started!

Now to transition you from a dubstep state of mind, we’ll start with a dubstep mashup. Loo & Placido give the Gorillaz an injection of bass. Enjoy!

Future Sound [Gorillaz vs. Nero & Knife Party] – Loo & Placido / Or from Mediafire

It’s been long enough that this remix sounds excellent instead of just annoying me. Rex Riot & Basscamp inject some awesomeness in Soulja Boy. Check it out.

Spit Dat Crank Fire (Rex Riot and Basscamp’s Crank Bootleg Mashup Crank Remix) – Rex Riot & Basscamp / Or from Mediafire

DOSVEC drops more tracks than the Dow drops points. I just cannot keep up. This mashup gives a progressive house spin to Gaga. Give it a listen.

Bad Eyes (Lady Gaga vs Kaskade) (Zach Le Sage Mix) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

Yoni and DJ Trademark got together to make some magic. This mashup packs tons of pop into a bite sized package. Enjoy!

Drink in My Cup – Yoni & DJ Trademark / Or from Mediafire

This is a simple mix but the songs fit together beautifully. DJ Stoyvo chose well when making this track. It’s unbelievably catchy and fun. Check it out!

Hangover vs Good Feeling (DJ STOYVO MASHUP) – Taio Cruz vs Flo Rida / Or from Mediafire

I really enjoyed Childish Gambino’s album, and this mashup just makes this track even more exciting. DJ Bahler gives this a much more electronic sound and utilizes the higher ranges of synths giving the song a large makeover. Give it a listen!

Crystal Hearts – DJ BAHLER / Or from Mediafire

Here’s another Childish Gambino mashup for you. This one is much chiller but just as good. Vic Ono uses a lovely intro and then jumps into the relaxed sounds of the Chili Peppers. This track is just great. Enjoy!

Bonfire Under the Bridge (Childish Gambino vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Vic Ono / Or from Mediafire

And here’s another track from DOSVEC, there’s no way I could possibly keep up with him, but I’m trying with another recent favorite of mine. Smooth and chill, this song is a great cruising track. Check it out and have a great weekend!

I Feel The Love (Lil Wayne vs Griz) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

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Fear Not the Dubstep XXVII

November 25, 2011

Happy Friday! Happy Thanksgiving! Ready for a quick dubstep post? Yeah I thought so.

Thought we’d be doing mashups today right? Well here’s a mashup, with dubstep. Fytch & Jaysty front Eminem against Shady and bass explosions follow. Enjoy!

Lose Yourself Till I Collapse Patiently Waiting – Fytch & Jaysty / Or from Mediafire

First of all I love Cry Wolf. Secondly I love Mr. Little Jeanscover of The Suburbs. So when Cry Wolf hops on the remix of the cover, great things happen. Check it out!

The Suburbs (Cry Wolf Remix) – Mr. Little Jeans / Or from Mediafire

Ok so the next two songs may or may not be legal to post. Feed Me has a Beatport but neither song is up for purchase there. They could be leaks, but if anyone sees them somewhere for purchase, tell me and I’ll switch these to stream only. As it is, this is a lovely and subtle addition of dubstep to a sweet indie track. Give it a listen.

What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club cover) – Feed Me / Or from Mediafire

Apparently someone else is insisting they made this song as well, so this song is doubly suspect. But it sure is fun. It’s hard not to post this one since it’s riffing off of the Anchorman movie. This track builds sweetly in classic Skrillex style and then drops into some insane bass and rage. Check it out!

Loud Noises – Skrillex & Feed Me / Or from Mediafire

Still wistfully hoping for mashups? Here’s another. Pulse FX delivers some rap and rage. Enjoy.

OHMYGODMGK – Pulse FX / Or from Mediafire

Next up some Lily Allen is taken to a higher pace and a more intense level with Oblivion‘s influence. Give it a listen.

Not Fair (Oblivion Remix) – Lily Allen / Or from Mediafire

And to finish us off, here’s a beautiful track from Tolgar. It starts off slow and sparkling and builds into something grimy and resolute. Check it out.

Discord (Tolgar Remix) – Midnight Conspiracy / Or from Mediafire

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Feel So Close – Jenna Garcia

November 23, 2011

I’m really impressed by the story of this song as well as the powerful vocals and stark simplicity of the cover (of Calvin Harris). Jenna Garcia really nails this, her first studio recording ever. I was browsing Earmilk when I came upon this. I’m going to let californiacornbread speak for himself.

I messaged her and said, “Please send me some recordings. I want them on Earmilk.” As it turns out, she had never been in a studio. Despite having over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, Jenna had never considered getting recorded. “I don’t have any recordings,” she replied. This came as a shock to me, until I found out her resonating and mature voice was coming from a 17-year-old girl. When you’re a high school senior, you don’t exactly have the music connections we have here at Earmilk – so I made some phone calls on Jenna’s behalf… A few tweets, emails and phone calls with later, I arranged for Jenna to record a single with Doug.

Respect. And from this came awesome music. No complaints here. Check it out.

Feel So Close – Jenna Garcia / Or from Mediafire


It Goes Cold – AudioDax

November 22, 2011

So I wasn’t sure what to post today and I was thinking about it on my way back from class, biking through cold rain. When I got back, switched to warm clothes and a blanket and started looking for something, the first track I saw was “It Goes Cold” by AudioDax. Good Music All Day had just posted it and I started listening to it. The instrumental filled my room (surround sound for the win) and it sounded like the blanket felt, blurrily warm and comforting. The vocals crooned about being out in the cold and while I know it’s metaphorical, I really empathized. It’s a beautiful song. Check it out.

It Goes Cold – AudioDax / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: AudioDax dropped this song a few days earlier, so I checked it out too and it’s more upbeat and happy, but just as beautifully composed. It’s got a funkier hip hop beat but the sweet lyrics on the hook are matched by the sweetness of the voice. When the rap verses cut in the singer quietly backs the vocals in sing song tones. It’s sweet and excellent. Enjoy!

Smile – AudioDax / Or from Mediafire


Major – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

November 21, 2011

I know I say I don’t post songs you can’t download, but that sometimes I do it anyways. This is not one of those cases. I’m not posting a downloadable link because for the price of an email address here, (and if that seems high to you, I know you have a throwaway email address) you can get the mp3. I saw this over on Dailybeatz and got super happy. I love horns and this track delivers them. The funky guitar riff adds to the ambiance as the Asteroids Galaxy Tour plays. The vocals are pretty and enticing. Check it out!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Major (DL link inside) by Jackplug