Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXVI

October 28, 2011

Happy Friday folks! I have got some awesome mashups for you. So whether you’re ready or not, here they come!

I spotted this on Pigeons and Planes last night and immediately fell in love. Emynd delivers an unbelievably soaring anthem by combining M83 with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. It feels like it could be the final dramatic sequence from an epic movie. Give it a listen.

My Tears are Becoming John – Emynd x M83 x Lil Wayne x Rick Ross / Or from Mediafire

This track is so smooth as to sound completely original. 3lau and Sex Ray Vision teamed up to submit to Tiësto’s remix contest. Last I heard they were ranked number 1. And they deserve it. This song feels flawlessly smooth and sexy. Check it out.

Work Hard, Play Hard (3LAU & Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Tiësto / Or from Mediafire

DJ Burnout sent this to me over SoundCloud, and I’m glad he did. As far as I can tell this is just an A+B mashup, but it sounds amazing. Both tracks retain their separate identities but add to the other and fit seamlessly. It’s amazing. Enjoy!

Digital Girls (Daft Punk / Ludacris) – DJ Burnout / Or from Mediafire

Bærs are pushing the boundary of mashups. In this track they really work with subject matter of lyrics and the musical background comes second but they make it sound great just the way they want it anyway. By chopping and screwing, Bærs get a special proprietary power over the tracks. Despite chopping them so much, the melodic element is not lost. It’s very fun. Just listen to it.

PARTY (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Justice vs. Ke$ha) – Bærs / Or from Mediafire

Freqnik & WDRE passed this on to me, also on SoundCloud. It’s jazzy and chill. Created in memory of Guru, this track successfully pays homage. Funky and fresh, this track delivers. Check it out.

Mash Appeal – WDRE & Freqnik / Or from Mediafire

DJ 21azy just has similar taste in music to me. Using GROUPLOVE’s “Colours” in a mashup is guaranteed to pique my interest and, in this case, get my head bobbing. Skizzy and Jones’ version makes for a sweet beat to add Biggie to. Enjoy!

Can I Get Those Colours [Notorious B.I.G. vs. Skizzy Mars, Xaphoon Jones, & Grouplove] – DJ 21azy / Or from Mediafire

D.veloped and Basic Physics deliver a Halloween appropriate track. I love collaborations among artists because it feels like mashup, so when mashup artists collaborate, it’s just like, yo dog. In this case, they whip twelve songs together to make an epic three minute song. Awesome. Check this out!

Turnin’ Tricks For Treats – D.veloped & Basic Physics / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: Jimi Needles is, in my opinion, the king of funky mashing. He made a seven minute mini-mix for the launch of the bar, Seven at Brixton Market, much to my delight. It is so funky and jazzy I just want to shake something. Have an awesome weekend you all!

Seven Bar Brixton Launch Mini-Mix (LAUNCHES 4th NOVEMBER) – Jimi Needles / Or from Mediafire


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