Fear Not the Dubstep XXIV

October 27, 2011

Well it’s Thursday again, and I’m neither traveling (like yesterday, sorry!) nor slaving away under midterms (like last week). You know what that means. Dubstep time! Here we go!

So let me preface this by saying that I hate it when I upload a track and get it ready to post only to find you can buy it. I really try to keep this site full of legal free downloads, but it’s hard. Meh. This track is awesome anyways. It’s nice and slow and epic. Spotted on the Burning Ear. Give it a try.

Rain Drops (Original Mix) Ft. Carmen F by FytchDubstep

Heard a clip of this off of Benzi’s Luvstep mix and promptly downloaded the full version. Figure really knows how to set up a drop. The Dream has the perfect vocals for luvstep and Figure uses them accordingly. Check it out.

Take Care Of Me (Figure Remix) – The Dream

I heard a different track from Gianni Marino and then stumbled upon this one. Totally serendipitous. Gianni Marino takes Khalifa’s triumphal breakthrough song and adds some lovely bass wobbage. The vocal sampling emphasizes the dubstep element, and sounds very cool. Enjoy!

No Sleep (Gianni Marino Remix) – Wiz Khalifa

I haven’t heard a remix of this in ages. The Bolivian Marching Affair gives it a makeover with synths from all over the electronic music spectrum from 8bit to eurodance to dubstep. Very fun. Spotted it on the Music Ninja. Give it a listen.

Better Off Alone (TBMA Remix) – Alice Deejay

The Friendly Giant endorsed DanielofSparta via a mass email. I would saying he’s abusing his email list, but since I dig the music, I’m not complaining. Kelly Rowland gets a hectic bass heavy remix. Enjoy!

Lay It On Me (DanielofSparta Remix) – Kelly Rowland

I know, more Figure! Figure has really gotten into the Halloween spirit, just take a glance at his SoundCloud. Beetlejuice really works as a dubstep track. I can just feel the Halloween. Check it out.

Beetlejuice (Drumstep Mix) – Figure

Following up on the Halloween track above, Cazzette does a track for the Shining. And it is amazingly creepy and awesome. I’m not sure how I feel about crediting blogs for posting an exclusive track. I mean I’ve been looking forward to this track since I heard the preview on Cazzette’s SoundCloud, but then the Music Ninja got to release it. More power to them, the song is awesome. I can’t express how good and creepy this track is. You just have to listen to it. Enjoy!

The Shining (Original Halloween Mix) – Cazzette


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