Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXV

October 24, 2011

OK, so I realize it’s Monday not Friday. But Midterm Syndrome (or MS for short, it’s not like that acronym is used for anything else…) killed any chance of blogging for almost a week, so I’m posting mashups anyway. Think of it as a bonus. A mashup Monday post, if you will. I’m celebrating being done with midterms! If you’re not done yet, here’s some motivational music.

First of all, I went through a huge Paramore phase, so I really like this one. The Catalina Rhyme Mixers must enjoy Paramore, because Hayley’s vocals are really featured and shine through on this track with an excellent progressive house background. Also. If you haven’t checked out their mashup album Mash-Stache yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Check it out.

Crushing Sunshine (Avicii, Paramore, Phunktjan) – The Catalina Rhyme Mixers / Or from Mediafire

D.veloped has some serious skills; the title of this track is entirely merited. I’m not entirely sure how he keeps all the elements he’s working with straight, but he makes it work. This is a must listen to track. Do it. Now. And enjoy it.

My Dangerously Melodic Anthem – D.veloped / Or from Mediafire

Kap Slap has been gone for a month or so, so I stopped checking for new content. My loss. This track is awesome. I love what he’s done with the “Yeahs” starting at 1:44. Beautiful use of autotune. I could listen to that section over and over again (and I have). Give it a listen.

Chris Brown’s Temper (Rihanna x Axwell & Dirty South x Temper Trap) – Kap Slap / Or from Mediafire

This mashup is so cool. I remember when all mashups were either A+B or sounded like a DJ had ADD (that would be you, Girl Talk). But these days, DJs are doing incredible things with production. OMGosh (I’m rather put out that I can’t find an artist page…) slowly builds a tender and strange instrumental that remixes “All Things Go” even as it mashes it up with some Kanye vocals. At the same time it evokes the autotune experimentation that Kanye has explored. [Of course if OMGosh is just mashing up Kanye with someone else’s remix, someone should tell me. But it sounds great.] Spotted on Earmilk. Check it out.

Homecoming (Mashup by OMGosh) – Kanye West / Or from Mediafire

I feel like I posted way too many mashups of these songs last week, so here’s one mashup of the two together. Both have stellar hooks. And now Basic Physics has put them together as one. It’s a match made in pop heaven. Enjoy!

Without Jagger (Maroon 5 // Usher // David Guetta) – Basic Physics / Or from Mediafire

You all been missing some Moombahton? Or have you been bored by Moombahton lately? DOSVEC turns over one of the slickest Moombahton tracks I’ve heard in a mashup. It’s got an almost ominous sound to it. No ominous vocals but you could totally spin this for a Halloween party. I highly recommend giving this track a listen.

Whos Afraid of Encore (Jay-Z vs Claude VonStroke (Mud Mix)) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

Mashup-Germany put out his three CD Greatest Hits compilation the other day. I had forgotten how many of my favorite mashups were made by him. So here’s his most recent track. It’s pretty, sweet, and tinged with sadness. Stilller has a real talent for evoking a mood with his music. Check it out.

Who knew someone like you… – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: Not to make this sappy or anything, but this mashup makes me think of my girlfriend. No not because of the lyrics. Because the show we watch religiously together is Community (in which Childish Gambino acts) and we love “Manners”. So of course I had to post DJ 21azy‘s mashup of the two. The music blogs all seem to agree that this is a great mashup but has way too abrupt of an ending. So I gave it a fade out. All better. Enjoy!

Put It In Your Manners (DJ 21azy Mashup) – Childish Gambino vs Chiddy Bang / Or from Mediafire


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