Initiation – the Weeknd

October 11, 2011

Well I was kind of just obligated to post this one. The Weeknd is ramping up for their third album release. “Echoes of Silence” comes out October 24th and I’m excited. The Weeknd’s first album blew me away but Tesfaye hasn’t been satisfied with that success. Instead he’s been working on new sounds, branching out of any established signature sound. On this track he goes after a darker heavier sound than many of his previous songs which tended toward mournful, much less aggressive than this track. Not only that, he really plays around with his vocals, which have been his real signature so far. On my first listen, his tweaking of the vocals got on my nerves, but on my second listen I really appreciated it. The Weeknd has some serious creative talent. Spotted on the Music Ninja first. Check it out.

Initiation – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire


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