Fear Not the Dubstep XXII

October 6, 2011

And we’re back! It’s Thursday, I both have enough time and health to do this right. So it’s dubstep time! I hope you’re getting ready for the weekend. I sure am. And here to help you out, is some party music.

Beats Antique‘s “Revival” has seen a lot of remixing but this is my favorite so far. David Starfire keeps the insistent bass and stark sounds that make “Revival” so great, and just adds some great extras. The “wah wah” synth is a little silly but overall the track is a winner. Check it out.

Revival (David Starfire Remix) – Beats Antique / Or from Mediafire

Crizzly and Kids at the Bar teamed up on this one which makes me really happy. I feel like Crizzly is big on wobs everywhere and epic drops whereas Kids at the Bar go for a more melodious sound. Together they hit on all bases with out really smoothing out any of their extremes. It’s pretty cool. Take a listen.

Like Dat – Crizzly & Kids At The Bar / Or from Mediafire

Next up DotEXE delivers some dubstep that hits my sweet tooth. I absolutely love the contrast of intense, aggressive bass with a high vocal. Working with Meg & Dia, this becomes the name of the game. I like the teasing that this song keeps giving us of almost promising an electric guitar drop and then pulling back. Very fun. Enjoy!

Monster (DotEXE Remix) – Meg & Dia / Or from Mediafire

Clark Kent is branching out in his hobbies and is apparently now making dubstep. Sounds good to me. Check out this epic and dramatic track.

Requiem – Clark Kent / Or from Mediafire

This next track is a bit more wild. This, of course, makes sense since we’re dealing with Knife Party and Nero. Starting out with a slightly sped up remix, this song quickly gets far more interested in itself than the original song, and with good reason. Take a listen to see what I mean.

Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) – Nero / Or from Mediafire

The original song is gritty already, so when PatrickReza adds some more dirtiness, it just makes sense. The wobs in this in no way detract from the mood of the song but instead work with the jaded angst already there. Enjoy.

Blue Jeans (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix) – Lana Del Ray / Or from Mediafire

The vaguely saloon feeling to the piano riff in this is interesting enough to really draw me in to the song until the drop lets the wobs take over. Butch Clancy did a number on this track, but man was it a good number. Check it out.

I’m Alright (Butch Clancy Remix) – KatherineE / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: I felt bad that I missed a week of dubstep, so here’s an extra track. It is also placed here to remind you to check back tomorrow for some mashups to kick the weekend off right. This mashup was made by Maluu and pulls content from a number of dubstep pros. It’s pretty flawless. Enjoy!

My Pink Reptile Party (Maluu’s Slice’n’Diced Mashup) – Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

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