Never Trust A Happy Song

October 4, 2011

What about happy people?

If you have never heard of GROUPLOVE, you need to pay more attention. I have been looking forward to the release of their first album, Never Trust A Happy Song since they released their EP awhile back. I pre-ordered it weeks in advance, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much nonstop since it was released a few weeks ago. But I am worried that a lot of people have not heard of this awesome album, so I wanted to share it will you all.

The original plan was to write a full review, to be posted shortly after the album came out, but it’s been weeks now, and I have not been able to find the time to write a good review. Instead, I would just like to say that I heartily recommend this album for anyone who wants to listen to something that is just happy. There’s a lot of good music these days, but so much of it is dark and depressing; sometimes you just want something cheerful. Fortunately, this album scratches that particular itch perfectly. Every song has a happy tone, through both the instrumentals and the vocals, and it can really cheer you up any time.

Some of the lyrics are kinda silly, which I wasn’t sure about, but I’ve actually come to love the silly simplicity of lines like “My eyes and your eyes/like Peter Pan up in the sky” and “You could change the channel, and I could change the feeling” for their carefree, fun attitude. It really sounds like the band had a ton of fun making the album, and that feeling is transferred to the listener in a fantastic way.

Give this album a chance, it is fantastic and I really hope they gets enough support to make a second LP. You can listen to parts of every song here, and you can buy it here.


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