J. Lye – Compete Until Success

October 3, 2011

Compete Until Success Cover Art

J. Lye’s debut mixtape was released today. I have been looking out for this for quite awhile – I enjoyed Lyes, So Real, and Gone quite a bit as they came out, and I had high hopes that this mixtape would be pretty good. I was wrong.

The tape is awesome.

J. Lye’s combination of rap and R&B may have been done before, but it hasn’t gone stale yet. He has excellent delivery on pretty much every track, and he makes sure that things don’t start to feel the same after a few songs. I’ve loved all the tracks he’s put out until now, but they all have a very similar feel, and I was worried that if we got a tape with the exact same feel on all the tracks then the songs would flow together and nothing would stand out. I am pleased to report that I was wrong. J. Lye changes it up every track, with a song full of dreamy guitar riffs filling the chorus being followed with one full of snappy snares, squeaky synths, and awesome piano chord progressions.

This mixtape is not tremendously original, but if you enjoy rap and R&B then this is an excellent example of the genre by an up-and-coming artist. And you can’t beat the price.

Make sure to pick this one up.


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