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Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXVI

October 28, 2011

Happy Friday folks! I have got some awesome mashups for you. So whether you’re ready or not, here they come!

I spotted this on Pigeons and Planes last night and immediately fell in love. Emynd delivers an unbelievably soaring anthem by combining M83 with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. It feels like it could be the final dramatic sequence from an epic movie. Give it a listen.

My Tears are Becoming John – Emynd x M83 x Lil Wayne x Rick Ross / Or from Mediafire

This track is so smooth as to sound completely original. 3lau and Sex Ray Vision teamed up to submit to Tiësto’s remix contest. Last I heard they were ranked number 1. And they deserve it. This song feels flawlessly smooth and sexy. Check it out.

Work Hard, Play Hard (3LAU & Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Tiësto / Or from Mediafire

DJ Burnout sent this to me over SoundCloud, and I’m glad he did. As far as I can tell this is just an A+B mashup, but it sounds amazing. Both tracks retain their separate identities but add to the other and fit seamlessly. It’s amazing. Enjoy!

Digital Girls (Daft Punk / Ludacris) – DJ Burnout / Or from Mediafire

Bærs are pushing the boundary of mashups. In this track they really work with subject matter of lyrics and the musical background comes second but they make it sound great just the way they want it anyway. By chopping and screwing, Bærs get a special proprietary power over the tracks. Despite chopping them so much, the melodic element is not lost. It’s very fun. Just listen to it.

PARTY (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Justice vs. Ke$ha) – Bærs / Or from Mediafire

Freqnik & WDRE passed this on to me, also on SoundCloud. It’s jazzy and chill. Created in memory of Guru, this track successfully pays homage. Funky and fresh, this track delivers. Check it out.

Mash Appeal – WDRE & Freqnik / Or from Mediafire

DJ 21azy just has similar taste in music to me. Using GROUPLOVE’s “Colours” in a mashup is guaranteed to pique my interest and, in this case, get my head bobbing. Skizzy and Jones’ version makes for a sweet beat to add Biggie to. Enjoy!

Can I Get Those Colours [Notorious B.I.G. vs. Skizzy Mars, Xaphoon Jones, & Grouplove] – DJ 21azy / Or from Mediafire

D.veloped and Basic Physics deliver a Halloween appropriate track. I love collaborations among artists because it feels like mashup, so when mashup artists collaborate, it’s just like, yo dog. In this case, they whip twelve songs together to make an epic three minute song. Awesome. Check this out!

Turnin’ Tricks For Treats – D.veloped & Basic Physics / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: Jimi Needles is, in my opinion, the king of funky mashing. He made a seven minute mini-mix for the launch of the bar, Seven at Brixton Market, much to my delight. It is so funky and jazzy I just want to shake something. Have an awesome weekend you all!

Seven Bar Brixton Launch Mini-Mix (LAUNCHES 4th NOVEMBER) – Jimi Needles / Or from Mediafire


Fear Not the Dubstep XXIV

October 27, 2011

Well it’s Thursday again, and I’m neither traveling (like yesterday, sorry!) nor slaving away under midterms (like last week). You know what that means. Dubstep time! Here we go!

So let me preface this by saying that I hate it when I upload a track and get it ready to post only to find you can buy it. I really try to keep this site full of legal free downloads, but it’s hard. Meh. This track is awesome anyways. It’s nice and slow and epic. Spotted on the Burning Ear. Give it a try.

Rain Drops (Original Mix) Ft. Carmen F by FytchDubstep

Heard a clip of this off of Benzi’s Luvstep mix and promptly downloaded the full version. Figure really knows how to set up a drop. The Dream has the perfect vocals for luvstep and Figure uses them accordingly. Check it out.

Take Care Of Me (Figure Remix) – The Dream

I heard a different track from Gianni Marino and then stumbled upon this one. Totally serendipitous. Gianni Marino takes Khalifa’s triumphal breakthrough song and adds some lovely bass wobbage. The vocal sampling emphasizes the dubstep element, and sounds very cool. Enjoy!

No Sleep (Gianni Marino Remix) – Wiz Khalifa

I haven’t heard a remix of this in ages. The Bolivian Marching Affair gives it a makeover with synths from all over the electronic music spectrum from 8bit to eurodance to dubstep. Very fun. Spotted it on the Music Ninja. Give it a listen.

Better Off Alone (TBMA Remix) – Alice Deejay

The Friendly Giant endorsed DanielofSparta via a mass email. I would saying he’s abusing his email list, but since I dig the music, I’m not complaining. Kelly Rowland gets a hectic bass heavy remix. Enjoy!

Lay It On Me (DanielofSparta Remix) – Kelly Rowland

I know, more Figure! Figure has really gotten into the Halloween spirit, just take a glance at his SoundCloud. Beetlejuice really works as a dubstep track. I can just feel the Halloween. Check it out.

Beetlejuice (Drumstep Mix) – Figure

Following up on the Halloween track above, Cazzette does a track for the Shining. And it is amazingly creepy and awesome. I’m not sure how I feel about crediting blogs for posting an exclusive track. I mean I’ve been looking forward to this track since I heard the preview on Cazzette’s SoundCloud, but then the Music Ninja got to release it. More power to them, the song is awesome. I can’t express how good and creepy this track is. You just have to listen to it. Enjoy!

The Shining (Original Halloween Mix) – Cazzette


Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Nero

October 25, 2011

Still pretty busy, but I’ve been loving the DnB + Dubstep feel of this track so here it is. Also, those fills… Not much else to say, really, so enjoy.

Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Nero / Or from Mediafire

Oh yeah, unrelated, but you should all get Justice’s new album, Audio, Video, Disco. I’m really into it right now.


Stays The Same – Outasight

October 25, 2011

Outasight came out with a new free mixtape. And the quality is awesome. With DJ Benzi providing production, Outasight attains a new level of crispness. The instrumentals keep Outasight’s fun, bouncy, indie feel with a little more elctronic influence. Not only is the production on a new level but Outasight seems to be delivering even better songs. He must be developing as an artist. It’s great. You can download the entire mixtape, “Get It Together,” for free here. Check it out.

Stays The Same – Outasight / Or from Mediafire


Dirty Dancer (Feat Scrufizzer) – Oh My! [Video]

October 24, 2011

I’m posting this to remind myself to buy this track when it comes out on November 14. I’m not a big proponent of music videos, and I’m not sure that this video really adds anything to the song for me. That being said, Oh My!‘s new song is excellent. In fact it’s so good, I’m posting a music video. Something about their hard verses meshing with the pop choruses and DnB-influenced beats justs hit my on button. If it frustrates you that you can’t download this song, check out a great free download of theirs. Have fun!


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXV

October 24, 2011

OK, so I realize it’s Monday not Friday. But Midterm Syndrome (or MS for short, it’s not like that acronym is used for anything else…) killed any chance of blogging for almost a week, so I’m posting mashups anyway. Think of it as a bonus. A mashup Monday post, if you will. I’m celebrating being done with midterms! If you’re not done yet, here’s some motivational music.

First of all, I went through a huge Paramore phase, so I really like this one. The Catalina Rhyme Mixers must enjoy Paramore, because Hayley’s vocals are really featured and shine through on this track with an excellent progressive house background. Also. If you haven’t checked out their mashup album Mash-Stache yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Check it out.

Crushing Sunshine (Avicii, Paramore, Phunktjan) – The Catalina Rhyme Mixers / Or from Mediafire

D.veloped has some serious skills; the title of this track is entirely merited. I’m not entirely sure how he keeps all the elements he’s working with straight, but he makes it work. This is a must listen to track. Do it. Now. And enjoy it.

My Dangerously Melodic Anthem – D.veloped / Or from Mediafire

Kap Slap has been gone for a month or so, so I stopped checking for new content. My loss. This track is awesome. I love what he’s done with the “Yeahs” starting at 1:44. Beautiful use of autotune. I could listen to that section over and over again (and I have). Give it a listen.

Chris Brown’s Temper (Rihanna x Axwell & Dirty South x Temper Trap) – Kap Slap / Or from Mediafire

This mashup is so cool. I remember when all mashups were either A+B or sounded like a DJ had ADD (that would be you, Girl Talk). But these days, DJs are doing incredible things with production. OMGosh (I’m rather put out that I can’t find an artist page…) slowly builds a tender and strange instrumental that remixes “All Things Go” even as it mashes it up with some Kanye vocals. At the same time it evokes the autotune experimentation that Kanye has explored. [Of course if OMGosh is just mashing up Kanye with someone else’s remix, someone should tell me. But it sounds great.] Spotted on Earmilk. Check it out.

Homecoming (Mashup by OMGosh) – Kanye West / Or from Mediafire

I feel like I posted way too many mashups of these songs last week, so here’s one mashup of the two together. Both have stellar hooks. And now Basic Physics has put them together as one. It’s a match made in pop heaven. Enjoy!

Without Jagger (Maroon 5 // Usher // David Guetta) – Basic Physics / Or from Mediafire

You all been missing some Moombahton? Or have you been bored by Moombahton lately? DOSVEC turns over one of the slickest Moombahton tracks I’ve heard in a mashup. It’s got an almost ominous sound to it. No ominous vocals but you could totally spin this for a Halloween party. I highly recommend giving this track a listen.

Whos Afraid of Encore (Jay-Z vs Claude VonStroke (Mud Mix)) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

Mashup-Germany put out his three CD Greatest Hits compilation the other day. I had forgotten how many of my favorite mashups were made by him. So here’s his most recent track. It’s pretty, sweet, and tinged with sadness. Stilller has a real talent for evoking a mood with his music. Check it out.

Who knew someone like you… – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: Not to make this sappy or anything, but this mashup makes me think of my girlfriend. No not because of the lyrics. Because the show we watch religiously together is Community (in which Childish Gambino acts) and we love “Manners”. So of course I had to post DJ 21azy‘s mashup of the two. The music blogs all seem to agree that this is a great mashup but has way too abrupt of an ending. So I gave it a fade out. All better. Enjoy!

Put It In Your Manners (DJ 21azy Mashup) – Childish Gambino vs Chiddy Bang / Or from Mediafire


Excision Shambhala 2011 Mix

October 20, 2011

I’m in the mood for some dubstep…

This Excision mix came out awhile back, but it’s good enough to warrant a post now anyway. This is really heavy stuff; there are a lot of industrial influences in this mix as well as pure dubstep. If you’re in the mood for some really strong bass that will shake the floor, here ya go.

Excision Shambhala 2011 Dubstep Mix

Track listing:

  1. Excision – Triple X ft. Messinian
  2. Elite Force – Figured You Easy
  3. Excision & Skism – Sexism
  4. Zomboy – Pump It Up
  5. Skrillex – DnB Ting
  6. Audio – Cybatron
  7. Subshock – Back Up
  8. Dieselboy & Bare – WMFD
  9. Datsik & Subvert – Heart Stopper
  10. Run DMT – Solarize (Rmx)
  11. Nero & Skrillex – Promises (Rmx)
  12. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Millions Like Us Rmx)
  13. Bare – Droid X
  14. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Red
  15. Skrillex – Right In
  16. Noisia – Gutterpump (Pixelfist Rmx)
  17. Space Laces – No Mercy
  18. Twisted Ind – Heavy Metal (Crystal Clear Rmx)
  19. Excision & Downlink – The Underground
  20. High Rankin – Jungle (Neon Steve Rmx)
  21. Number Nin6 vs Torqux & Twist – Sentient
  22. Subscape – Screw up VIP
  23. Trolley Snatcha – Break Your Neck
  24. Addergebroed – Zodiak
  25. Ajapai – Blast
  26. Muffler – Move (Nightwalker Rmx)
  27. Adroa – End Boss
  28. Lil Wayne – Fire Flame (Shackles Rmx)
  29. Original Sin – I Love It
  30. Inside Info – Awkward (Excision Rmx)
  31. Original Sin – Original Bad Boy
  32. Dirty Deeds – Village Terror
  33. Specimen A – Flying Saucer
  34. Modified Motion & Faction – The Hammer
  35. Modified Motion – Now More than Ever
  36. El Diablo – Devil in the Machine (Liquid Stranger Rmx)
  37. Ganga Giri – Bayami (Liquid Stranger Rmx)
  38. Monstar – Bastard
  39. Tetsuo – One Day (Space Laces Rmx)
  40. Ajapai – Mobilized VIP
  41. Dirt Monkey – Imperial March
  42. Ajapai – Get Down (edit)
  43. Calvertron – Get Up
  44. Mr Boogie – Dead Junglist VIP
  45. Excision & Downlink – Swerve
  46. Jantsen – Let’s Get Ill
  47. Mark Instinct – Strawberry
  48. Prodigy – Spitfire
  49. 16 Bit – Surge
  50. Downlink – Station Seven