Fear Not the Dubstep XXI

September 22, 2011

OK. Thursday. Dubstep. Shorthand so as to make this quick. Go.

GRiZ rocks some old school rock. There is much rejoicing.

Dream On (GRiZ Remix) – Aerosmith

Rhythmic. Chill. Intense. Jontron.

Oh! (Original Mix) – Jontron

A little more upbeat. A little more rage. A few more blades. Knife Party.

Suffer – Knife Party

Pick up the pace some more. Bro it up with Bro Safari. Lunatic psycho mutha-

5150 – Bro Safari

Speed up the vocals. Need it. Wobbage. Savoy.

I’m In Need (Original Mix) – Savoy

Another dream. Slow down. Strings and bass. Paul Basic.

Daydream – Paul Basic

Final. Ed Sheeran. Thank You EP. Remix of this. Awesome. Cheers.

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (True Tiger Remix ft. Dot Rotten & Scrufizer) – Ed Sheeran


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