First Post, Good and Interesting.

September 19, 2011

Hi. What’s up. How ya doing.

I’m a new contributor here, and I’ll be writing posts from time to time. For my first, here’s a remix of the mighty Daft Punk. Alterations of their work have a tendency to be somewhat lame, relying completely on the original Daft Punk tracks rather than smoothly mixing them or adding anything interesting. Voyager (Revolte Remix), however, gives new life to the original. Now reclusive remix artist Revolte adds vocals that blend perfectly with Voyager’s electric feel and keep the track from going stale after the first minute. Have a listen.

Voyager (Revolte Remix) – Revolte / Or from Mediafire

Next up is an example of a mash up so unexpected that it’s funny. Breakmaster Cylinder lays Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger over the background music Chemical Punk Zone from the original Sonic. While not nearly as musically advanced or well executed as the above, its still so outrageous that it deserves a quick listen, if not just for a few laughs.

Chemical Punk Zone – Breakmaster Cylinder / Or from Mediafire


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