Stay Pretty – Soft Pipes

September 14, 2011

So I know I’m hopping on the “Stay Pretty” train a little late, but I was confused as to the release state of this track when I first saw it on Knox Road. Soft Pipes certainly has their music on iTunes, but this song wasn’t there. Finally I found out this song was released to hype up some fans before the September 27th EP drop. Well I’m pretty hyped. I was hooked from the first eight seconds. Starting with a fuzzy lo-fi sound, it turns pure and clean. Throughout the song this pattern is followed. The indie vocals sound like they’re coming through a phone and then the guitar hook comes in and lays claim to some of the cleanest production out there before bringing back some fuzz. I love it. Very rockable. Enjoy!

Stay Pretty – Soft Pipes / Or from Mediafire


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