Fear Not the Dubstep XIX

September 1, 2011

Well it’s Thursday again, and it’s time for some dubstep. Hopefully now that I’m not holding myself to a seven song post every week, it will be easier to deliver. So, to ring in the new month, sit back, relax, and enjoy some wobs.

Let’s start off with something happy and indie! Architecture in Helsinki is one of those lovely fun bands. And the Polish Ambassador did well remixing them. The fun attitude was preserved with a light sprinkling of wobs and bass. Enjoy the frosting of dubstep on this one.

Escapee (The Polish Ambassador Remix) – Architecture in Helsinki / Or from Mediafire

Dodge and Fuski released this lovely number free to get some hype going around them. They’ve got plenty of songs to pay for, and this just whets the appetite. This song harks back to dubstep’s reggae roots and goes hard. Check it out.

Sick – Dodge and Fuski / Or from Mediafire

This track edges toward electro from dubstep, but I think it counts. Disco Fries utilized the hook that repeats throughout this entire song and it’s hard not to enjoy. Try it out.

Sucks To Be You (Disco Fries Remix Dirty) – Clinton Sparks / Or from Mediafire

Yeah. So apparently Korn hooked up with Skrillex. I approve without having heard the original, but the Autoerotique remix is pretty great. I got sweaty palms when I saw the artists on this song. It’s certainly good, but I feel like it could be more epic. And I didn’t hear any vocals from Korn until the second listen through. Still a sweet song, check it out.

GET UP (Autoerotique Mix) – Korn feat. Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

I like any dubstep remix that includes guitar. This track goes from there to some incredibly ADD rage. Callum B takes this song in an awesome direction. If you like the crazier side of Skrillex you should like this. Enjoy!

The Chase (Callum B Dub Remix) – Lazy Rich feat. Belle Humble / Or from Mediafire

Using vaguely 8-bit influenced synths, Dead C∆T Bounce takes Medina’s track away from house and towards dubstep. I have always said that high light voices go well with womping bass and here is yet another example of success. Check it out!

You and I (Dead C∆T Bounce) – Medina / Or from Mediafire

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BONUS: I had forgotten about this, but enjoy!


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