Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXVIII

August 19, 2011

Sorry for the lack of dubstep yesterday. I’ve been super busy this week. It was my friend’s birthday and my internet died so I didn’t get a chance. But it’s Friday again! Time for mashups. I’m busy again today so let’s make this quick. Here we go.

This is a little less organized than most mashups I like but it sounds good and is quite fun. DJ Rudy strings together a bunch of hits for a pop track that makes you want to go clubbing. Check it out.

Go – DJ Rudy / Or from Mediafire

According to the White Panda this is a remix. They got permissions from the artists, combined the songs and did some new production. To me it sounds like a mashup, but whatever, tomato tomato (doesn’t really come through in text…). Check it out.

Your Woman (The White Panda Remix ft. Dorrough) – White Town / Or from Mediafire

This mashup is a bit more straightforward. Happy club synths back the pop hip hop for enjoyable club track. Jeff Rowe has the formula down. Enjoy!

Who Dat Blessed Girl (JRowe Mashup) – Jeff Rowe / Or from Mediafire

Like the first track this mashup meanders a bit musically, but it’s still quite a fun track. Mitch-Mash rocks out all over the place on this track. Check it out.

Second Wind – Mitch-Mash / Or from Mediafire

The Jane Doze put out another interesting one. It’s an A+B track but Glitch Mob is a very different choice to back TI than most. I approve. You should too. Try it out.

Bring Em Glitches Out (The Jane Doze Mashup) – The Glitch Mob vs T.I. / Or from Mediafire

More from Greg Schram. I think this one is to prove he doesn’t need Jamiroquai to make a mashup. Adele’s song is great and so is John Legend’s cover. Greg combines them ably and interestingly. Enjoy!

Rolling in the Ghosts N Stuff – Greg Schram / Or from Mediafire

I’m ending this with a lovely rendition of Gramatik from DJ Dan Sverdlov. This fits really easily and is hilarious. What more can you ask for. Have a great weekend all!

Stairway To Bitches – DJ Dan Sverdlov / Or from Mediafire


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