Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXVI

August 5, 2011

Happy Friday all! It’s that mashup time of the week again, and since I didn’t have much new content to post, I thought I’d bring out some mashups from the vaults. The White Panda mashup is the only new mashup in this batch. The rest are gems I’ve had for years, well before I started this blog. I hope you like the rewind.

Let’s get the new mashup out of the way first, since the others won’t mind waiting just a little longer. The White Panda have another dance pop track to add to their repertoire with this one. Enjoy Ke$ha the way she should be. Electronic.

Lazerblow – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

This track can easily follow the previous, because of the intense amounts of pop involved. I can really tell that I got these songs a long time ago because I organized the artist by those in the mashup, not the DJ who made it. For most of these I no longer know who the DJ was. But that’s easy to fix. With a little research I now know who the DJs are. Titus Jones did this one, and you can kind of spot his style in it. Enjoy!

Kiss Britney’s Boyfriend – Ashlee Simpson vs. Britney Spears vs. Chris Brown ft T-Pain / Or from Mediafire

Keeping up the pace, here’s a Marvin Gaye track to follow yesterday’s. The problem with posting old tracks is that half of the time these DJs are no longer under the name they went by when they made it and a third aren’t even producing anymore. So if you know what Irn Minky goes by now, do share. In the meantime, enjoy the very simple but enjoyable Marvin remix.

She Sells Grapevines (Dance Mix) – Cult vs. Marvin Gaye / Or from Mediafire

I’ve always been an America fan, and this gives it a whole new spin. Chill strumming and pop R&B vocals. I’m not sure I found the definitive website for Bangers & Mash (since I’ve found more results for a trad celtic band of the same name) but here’s my closest match. Enjoy!

Romeo Highway – Basement Jaxx vs. America / Or from Mediafire

Next up is great mashup that works far better than I would have expected. Very similar riffs. Very fun. DJ Moule made this well planned mashup. I’m not sure (because his site is all in French) but it looks like this was the last mashup he made. So savor it all the more.

Jude Is a Loser – the Beatles vs Beck / Or from Mediafire

This one’s artist is easy to remember because it’s the king, DJ Earworm, back in the day. Combining Dolly Parton, Eurythmics, the Beatles, Laurie Anderson, Art Of Noise, Beastie Boys, and Pat Benatar, Earworm was already excelling at pulling together many songs into one. Like “Stairway” this song goes on for quite some time, so maybe he hadn’t quite figured out how to trim down a song with so many elements yet. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful song. I enjoy the banjo. Check it out.

Stairway to Bootleg Heaven – DJ Earworm / Or from Mediafire

Now this track really should have made it to the Ridiculous Mashups post but I didn’t think of it at the time. As it is I hope I can end this Friday’s post giving you a chuckle. Lenlow made this one and I’m thankful. Have a great weekend!

To the Taxmobile – the Beatles vs. Batman Theme / Or from Mediafire


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